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Rackspace Private Cloud is powered by OpenStack and delivers the agility and efficiency of a public cloud combined with the enhanced security, control and performance of a dedicated environment. It can be deployed in your data center or ours, is managed by our OpenStack experts and backed by Fanatical Support®. Rackspace Private Cloud gives you all the power of the cloud without the pain of running it, so you can focus on your core business.

Rackspace Private Cloud consists of the Rackspace Private Cloud v9 Software powered by OpenStack, deployed in a CDC or at RAX based on our reference architecture and managed by a dedicated team of RPC OpenStack experts.

Where can I deploy Rackspace Private Cloud?

You can deploy a Rackspace Private Cloud in your own data center, in a Rackspace data center, in a colocation facility or across multiple locations.

What support services are available for Rackspace Private Cloud?

Rackspace offers two tiers of support for you to choose from:

Core Support

Rackspace Private Cloud Core Support is for customers who want a partner to manage their cloud. Our support engineers will proactively monitor and maintain the health of your cloud providing installation, configuration, patching, updating, troubleshooting and resizing services.

Escalation Support

Rackspace Private Cloud Escalation Support is for customers who want expert assistance without granting access to their environment. Our support engineers will be available around the clock to help you with questions related to deploying and managing your Rackspace Private Cloud.

More information is available at the Rackspace Private Cloud web page.

Does Rackspace offer any additional services for RPC customers?

Yes, Rackspace offers several additional services for RPC customers. Customers have the option to have a Dedicated OpenStack Engineer for their account, DevOps automation services to help you unlock the full power of your cloud through automation and professional services to help you get started with and optimize your private cloud.

Is Rackspace Private Cloud updated with each new OpenStack version release (e.g. Juno, Kilo, etc)?

Yes, Rackspace updates and releases a major version of Rackspace Private Cloud software following each OpenStack version release. We first verify that the new OpenStack version release meets our stability requirements before launching, which typically takes about six weeks. We also have minor releases throughout the year to introduce new features, fix bugs and provide security patches

Is there a proof-of-concept offering to allow a customer to test Rackspace Private Cloud before they buy it?

Rackspace has dedicated environments that are accessible to customers for proof-of-concept testing. Please contact the Rackspace Private Cloud sales team at rpcsales@rackspace.com.

What devices are certified for Rackspace Private Cloud compute nodes?

All devices certified for Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS are certified for Rackspace Private Cloud. Refer to the Ubuntu Server certified hardware page for the full list.

What is the maximum number of nodes for Rackspace Private Cloud?

Rackspace Private Cloud is designed to scale to hundreds of nodes. The maximum number depends on the specific application.

Does Rackspace Private Cloud come with any images?

Currently, Rackspace Private Cloud Software does not include any images. For more information about downloading and creating images, refer to the OpenStack Virtual Machine Image Guide.

Where can I get more technical information?

Get quick answers to common technical questions about Rackspace Private Cloud in the Rackspace Private Cloud v9 FAQ.

Where can I learn more?

More information about Rackspace Private Cloud is available on the Rackspace Private Cloud web site at http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/private. You can also visit the Rackspace Private Cloud Forum at https://community.rackspace.com/products/f/45.

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