Permissions Matrix for Cloud Files

The following permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the roles in Cloud Files. The matrix displays the method names, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.

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Cloud Files Terminology

As of September 26, 2013


Method Name 

API Action



Read Account Metadata HEAD /account

View quick metadata on an account.

Write Account Metadata POST /account  

Write metadata on an account.


List Containers GET /account

View a list of containers in an account.


Create Container PUT /account/container  

Create containers, or storage compartments, for your data. 


Delete Container DELETE /account/container    

Permanently remove a container. (The container must be empty before it can be removed.)


Read Container Metadata HEAD /account/container  

View quick metadata on a container.


Write Container metadata POST /account/container  

 Write metadata on a container.


List Objects GET /account/container  

View names and details of objects within a container.


Read Object GET /account/container/object

 Retrieve the object's data.


Create/Update Object PUT /account/container/object  

Write or overwrite an object's content and metadata. 


Copy Object PUT /account/container/destobject  

Copy an existing object to another object in Cloud Files. (The destination container must exist before attempting the copy.)


Delete Object DELETE /account/container/object  

Permanently remove an object from the storage system (data and metadata).


Retrieve Object Metadata HEAD /account/container/object

Retrieve object metadata and other standard HTTP headers.


Update Object Metadata POST /account/container/object  

Set your own custom object metadata.



Cloud Files Terminology


A storage compartment for your data that provides a way for you to organize that data.


The basic storage entity that represents the files that you store in your Cloud Files account.


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