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OpenStack Object Storage Prerequisites

WARNING: The Rackspace Private Cloud offering is being updated, and this documentation is obsolete.

This section describes the assumptions and prerequisites for installing swift in a Rackspace Private Cloud cluster.

Installation Assumptions

This document assumes that your environment meets the following requirements:

  • You already have a cluster installed via the Rackspace Private Cloud tools.
  • You know the IP address or hostname of your controller node.
  • You have the means to install Ubuntu 12.04 on 5 or more machines. At a minimum, the install needs the openssh-server installed and running.
  • You have direct IP connectivity to the controller node. Connecting via NAT is not suitable.
  • You have at least five machines that meet the minimum requirements.
  • You have a minimum of two block devices.
  • Once installed with an OS, your swift nodes will have access to the internet. This is required to download the Chef client installation package.

Hardware Recommendations

While it is possible to run swift on a single computer, for a practical installation, Rackspace strongly recommends a minimum of 5 storage nodes with the following specifications:

  • 1 core per 3TB capacity
  • At least 6 SATA drives of at least 1TB capacity each (the more the merrier).
  • At least 2GB RAM, plus an additional 250MB RAM per TB of drive.
  • RAID Controller with battery backup with drives configured appropriately. (Refer to RAID Controller Configuration.)

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