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OpenStack Object Storage Overview

WARNING: The Rackspace Private Cloud offering is being updated, and this documentation is obsolete.

Rackspace Private Cloud uses a collection of Chef cookbooks that deploy and manage the suite of OpenStack core projects: Compute (Nova), Image Service (Glance), Dashboard (Horizon), and Identity (Keystone), and Block Storage (Cinder). OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) is installed separately, as described in this document.

Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.0 supports the Grizzly release of OpenStack for these components.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for customers who have already installed a cloud with the Rackspace Private Cloud tools and who want to extend the cluster with OpenStack Object Storage (Swift).

To use the product and this document, you should be familiar with Rackspace Private Cloud and have prior knowledge of OpenStack and cloud computing, and basic Linux administration skills.

Document Change History

This version of the Rackspace Private Cloud Cookbook Update Guide replaces and obsoletes all previous versions. The most recent changes are described in the table below:

Revision Date Summary of Changes
November 15, 2012
  • Rackspace Private Cloud Software v 2.0

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