How can I use Cloud Files for data backup?

Using Cloud Files as a backup is straightforward. Users can achieve them in various ways.  If you would like for us to provide Cloud Backup as a service, click here.  Otherwise, complete the steps outlined below to set up your own data backup to your Cloud Files.

  1. Plan your backup schedule, identifying critical resources and frequency needed.
  2. Collect all the critical resources (backup data) in a secure local location or directory with any needed sub directories.
  3. (This step is optional, and will save on storage and bandwidth costs and increase security.) Compress the content of the backup directory with security and encryption.
  4. Login to the Cloud Control Panel and once you're logged in, select Files at the top.


  1. Select the Create Container option, name your new container and then select Create Container once more.


  1. Individually upload the backup data files created in step 2 to the container through the UI (user interface). For this example, we'll select a .png file. Select Upload Files at the top, Choose File from the pop up screen, select your desired file, and then select Upload File.


  1. Update your backup records with current date as date of last backup.

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