How can I test a website before I transfer the domain name to Cloud Sites?

NOTE: This article is written for our Classic Cloud Control Panel. You can access this interface from the New Cloud Control Panel by clicking your username in the upper-right of the control panel and selecting "Clasic Cloud Control Panel".

Within your Classic Cloud Control Panel we provide a URL that you can use to test your website before changing the DNS of your domain. The link will be located in your Classic Cloud Control Panel under the General Settings tab.

The link will be your full domain name followed by the cluster of the default technology you chose in the add site process, such as ".php5-1" or ".asp1-1", followed by "".




These are just a few examples. The test links generate according to the cluster and default technology that your domain resides on, so your specific test link may be different from what is displayed above. Be sure to consult your control panel for the specific URL you should test with.

Also, this article tells how to add content to your test website using the test FTP.

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