Getting Started With Cloud Sites, Logging into the Control Panel

Note: This article is written for our Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can get to it from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking your name in the upper-right corner and selecting Cloud Sites Control Panel.

Hello and welcome to the Rackspace Cloud!

Now that your account has been activated, the first thing that you'll want to do is to log in to the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel to access your account.

  • Log in with the username & password that you selected when you created the account. Those credentials are only for accessing the Control Panel.

The Control Panel has 3 main sections

  1. The Left Navigation menu (green box)
  2. Details Section (blue box)
  3. Cloud News (purple box)

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Left Navigation Menu

Your "Go To" menu, where you access all your assets, support, and manage account information.

Details Section

This dynamic section displays the specific data associated with your selections from the left navigation menu. 

Cloud News

This dynamic section viewable from the Home Screen will show the latest news including new features releases, pricing updates, industry news, and strategic initiatives. This is NOT the place to see maintenance announcements.  Any news of service impacting events will still be reported from the Cloud Status page.

Left Navigation Menu

  • Home - Takes you to the Welcome page with Account Activity Summary displayed. 

Click on the tab labeled 'Getting Started' from the Welcome screen. This will show you a brief overview of some key concepts for our products, and is a handy 'quick-reference' guide.

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  • Hosting - Create and manage your devices and services like Cloud Files, Cloud Servers, and Cloud Load Balancers.  The Client tab is for setting up clients, client plans, and messages for Cloud Sites resellers

  • Your Account - Manage your billing, account information, and API key.

  • Support - Access all of our support resources - Developer Guides, Cloud Status, Knowledge Center, Problem Ticketing System, and Live Chat.  All these resources are also available from links at the top of the page.

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  • Logout - Logout of the control panel.

That just about covers the basic navigation of the Control Panel.  In the next article, Accessing Billing Information, you will learn the details of the Billing portion of your Control Panel.

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