Creating a Cloud Server from the MyRackspace Portal

If you want to add Rackspace Cloud to your dedicated hosting environment, you can create a new cloud server from the MyRackspace® Portal.

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal.

  2. From the Products menu, select Rackspace Cloud.

  3. From the Regions menu on the left side of the portal, select the region where you would like the server to reside. The region determines the location of the data center that will house your cloud server, as indicated by the three-letter code of the nearest major airport (for example, ORD is Chicago, Illinois, DFW is Dallas, Texas, and SYD is Sydney, Australia).

    For more information on how regions affect Cloud Servers, please see this article.

  4. Click Create New Server.

  5. Provide the details for the server, including a name, base image (operating system), and size. More information on server sizing can be found in this article.

    You can optionally add the server to a virtual network in the Networks tab, and you can set metadata on the server for your own reference under the Metadata tab.

  6. Click Create New Server. You can monitor the progress of the build from the Server Overview page.

    <img src="/knowledge_center/sites/default/files/field/image/Create_Cloud_Server_Step5_Monitor_Server_Status_0.png" width="720" height="303" alt="" border="2'/>

You can access additional options for managing your cloud server and attaching other services in the Cloud Control Panel. More information on Cloud Servers and the Cloud Control Panel can be found in our Knowledge Center.

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