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Rackspace Opens the Cloud with OpenStack®

An innovative, open-source cloud computing solution for creating, managing, and deploying scalable elastic cloud services.

As the leading specialist in the hosting industry, we take our responsibility to drive innovation seriously. And with our newest project, OpenStack, we've lived up to that - and more. On July 19, 2010, we announced that we are opening the code on our cloud infrastructure. That's big news for us and for the hosting industry in general. The result? Cloud technology will never look back.

OpenStack is an open-source cloud platform designed to foster the emergence of technology standards and cloud interoperability. The initial components being offered through this project include the code that powers our Cloud Files and Cloud Servers. Leaders in the technology industry and other stakeholders support the project and are expected to help us drive a deployable, completely open cloud solution.

What does an open cloud mean for you?
  • Prevents vendor lock-in
  • Increases flexibility in deployment for a highly elastic commodity cloud
  • Offers a bigger, more robust ecosystem for more tools, better capabilities and a stronger platform
  • Gives you the freedom to decide how you want your cloud
  • Drives greater industry standards
  • Increases the speed of innovation in cloud technologies
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In addition to the OpenStack project, Rackers are actively participating in a variety of other open source projects.

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Rackers are also contributing to other open-source projects:

Libcloud - incubator.apache.org
Gearman - www.gearman.org
Memcached - www.memcached.org
Ubuntu - www.ubuntu.com
MySQL - dev.mysql.com
Chef - www.opscode.com
KVM - www.linux-kvm.org
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