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Rackspace was founded with the vision of being a different type of company-a technology service company that was easy to do business with. It's our unique customer service philosophy we call Fanatical Support®.

To ensure that Fanatical Support endures, we've made our legal information easily accessible. For questions related to these documents, please contact a Rackspace representative.


General Counsel
Rackspace US, Inc.
1 Fanatical Place
City of Windcrest
San Antonio, Texas 78218
Mail Stop: US 109-2301


Security Vulnerability Reporting
Our team gives immediate attention to any report of security issues. Learn about our security disclosure process and how to submit a security vulnerability report.


Acceptable Use Policy
The AUP defines acceptable use of the Rackspace services.


Information for Law Enforcement Authorities
Information on how to issue formal requests to Rackspace


Privacy Statement
Rackspace has created this privacy statement that sets forth our information gathering, data security and dissemination practices.


Copyright and Trademarks
Receive information on Rackspace's copyright and/or applicable rights to all text and graphic images.

The English version of this Agreement (including all policies and other documents mentioned hereunder) shall prevail. This Portuguese / Spanish version is being provided for your convenience only. Please note that there may be differences between the English and Portuguese / Spanish versions of this Agreement (including all policies and other documents referred to in this Agreement) due to, for example, delays in translation.
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