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Support: 1-800-961-4454
Sales: 1-800-961-2888


We provide database architecture support for the following languages, frameworks, application servers, and business applications:

  • Languages and frameworks: Java®, .NET, Ruby, Python®, PHP, Rails®
  • Web and application servers: WebLogic®, Tomcat™, Apache™, IIS
  • Applications: Adobe EMS, Fatwire®, Oracle Commerce
  • Other: Coherence®, Endeca®, Hudson®

Architecture & design

We design your unique architecture and continuously look for optimization opportunities. If you experience performance issues, we diagnose the issue and help you fix it-even analyzing your SQL code to provide recommendations.

Architecture and design services include:

  • Architecture development and recommendations
  • Analysis and improvement recommendations, including reviewing your SQL code and recommending query optimization
  • Database replication and log file maintenance
  • Security and object administration
  • Database and schema export and import
  • Performance consultation and issue diagnosis
  • Mirroring and log shipping configuration

Administration & monitoring

We constantly monitor your database's health, and perform custom maintenance activities at your direction, including:

  • Replication monitoring
  • Advanced restores from backups
  • Database migration within Rackspace data centers
  • Disk backup (at your request)
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Customized maintenance plans
  • Modifying data beyond restores
  • Database health monitoring


We go beyond the basics to troubleshoot advanced issues, including:

  • Database maintenance operations
  • Performance
  • Availability issues in production
  • Database backup issues

Put our DBAs to work for you.

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