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Graham Weston

Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Graham Weston is one of the founders of Rackspace and now serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Born and raised in the San Antonio area, Graham from an early age saw entrepreneurial opportunities in everything around him. Lanzó su primer emprendimiento comercial en séptimo grado, al comercializar carne de cerdo ecológica en anuncios de periódico que decían "Go Hog Wild!" (¡Vuélvete loco por el cerdo!). En la escuela secundaria, creó otro negocio en el que tomaba fotos en exposiciones de ganado y las vendía a los concursantes.

Asistió a Texas A&M, donde —sí, eso mismo— abrió otro negocio. This one was inspired by his successful appeal of the multiple, conflicting property tax bills levied by various government entities upon his father's small ranch, and led him to help other property owners appeal their bills.

Graham went into the real estate business. When prices fell during the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980s, he led his family to buy and develop the Weston Centre, one of the premier office towers in downtown San Antonio. Al mismo tiempo, desarrolló un marcado interés por las posibilidades de Internet. En 1998, él y un socio aportaron el capital original para una idea empresarial planteada por tres estudiantes locales de Trinity University. La llamaron "" Graham se unió a la compañía como CEO y permaneció en esa posición hasta 2006, cuando pasó a ser presidente del Consejo.

He returned to the CEO post in February 2014 upon the retirement of his longtime friend and colleague, Lanham Napier, and will remain in that role until the board concludes a careful search for Napier’s long-term successor.

In 2005, Graham was honored by the City of San Antonio for converting one of his vacant properties, an abandoned shopping mall, into a temporary shelter for victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Nicknamed the "Hilton of Shelters," by the Denver Post, it housed more than 2,500 refugees. That property has since been extensively repurposed to LEED sustainability standards and serves as Rackspace's headquarters -a whimsical, open-plan workplace complete with a large playground-style slide between levels and a wall containing the world's largest word-search puzzle.

Graham is active in the development of new options for urban living, entrepreneurship, and entertainment in downtown San Antonio. He helped launch the mayor's SA2020 initiative, and created Geekdom, which provides a co-working space downtown, along with mentorship and funding for tech startups. Graham also funds the 80/20 Foundation, which invests in programs to encourage entrepreneurship, technology education, and development in downtown San Antonio.

Graham was named a "Best Boss" by Fortune Small Business magazine and was recognized as regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

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