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Rackspace Professional Services

Our broad portfolio of consultative services enables you to optimize your hosted environment, ensuring maximum agility, flexibility, and performance.

Work with our specialists and industry-leading partners, in one-on-one consultations, to assess your needs and identify solutions. You can tailor your solution from our Hybrid Cloud product suite, including public cloud, private cloud, virtualization, and dedicated bare metal servers. Plus, you get a guaranteed 4-hour response time backed by our SLA.

Migration services

Seamlessly migrate your physical and virtual servers to your Rackspace Hybrid Cloud solution.

We power complex migrations with our industry-leading partner network. Let our partners help with your multi-data center enterprise migration and deployment to Rackspace infrastructure.

Services include:

  • Application and data migration
  • Email migration

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Health check services

Rackspace Professional Services will assist you in managing the overall health and performance of your environment. Our Health Check services offer comprehensive reporting and analysis to help identify key areas that impact the overall health of your application.


  • Stress test a site or application and measure response to traffic load
  • Identify potential risks to your overall environment heath
  • Preparation for specific security and compliance requirements

Services include:

  • Load testing
  • Performance testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing

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Application services

We built our suite of application services to optimize applications, provide cloud integration, and help remediate compromised servers.

  • Certified Database Administrators manage, customize, and troubleshoot your MySQL, SQL, and Oracle Database Applications
  • Enable integration to the Rackspace Open Cloud API, leveraging automation, orchestration and other DevOps practices

Services include:

  • Integration with Rackspace's complete public cloud portfolio
  • Auto-scaling services
  • CDN integration
  • Advanced DNS solutions
  • Application development
  • Site, database, and application optimization
  • Compromised server remediation
  • Database Administrator services

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IT Transformation Framework

Transforming your applications for cloud adoption doesn't need to be difficult—we'll work with your team to design a practical roadmap that specifies which of your applications should move to which environment, and when. We take the guesswork out of the planning and execution of moving to the cloud.

Rackspace creates a systematic, pragmatic journey to your optimal hybrid cloud environment. Powered by an elite group of industry experts, our team delivers Advisory Services and Professional Services to support your business through a well planned process of strategy development, assessment, design, migration, implementation, and ongoing optimization.

At Rackspace, we believe in unrelenting Fanatical Support® and we're dedicated to your success. Together, we will build something great. Let's get started.

Learn more about the Rackspace IT Transformation Framework.

Let us help optimize your environment.

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