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5 keys to cloud adoption success

If your business is like most enterprise companies, you may be unsure how to get started on your journey to the cloud. So we're sharing these best practices to help you create your plan.

The graphic below illustrates these 5 keys to cloud adoption success.

Think like a service provider. Meet your company's increasing demands by becoming a service provider to your business. Turn your internal customers' motivation to innovation by learning how to help enthusiastic business units transform into self-service organizations. Create your army of innovators. Learn more.

During this phase, you will: Spin up test and development environments in the cloud.

Build your DevOps engine. Your applications' DNA is changing. Cloud-aware application development now fuels your IT machine. So create a DevOps org where developers and operations work together, making decisions based on business strategy. Learn more.

During this phase, you will: Build cloud-aware apps and migrate web-enabled apps.

Appropriately allocate your IT resources. Redefine, reorganize, and revise roles and responsibilities—this is the essential step in integrating cloud into your business model. Learn more.

During this phase, you will: Migrate industry-standard applications like Microsoft® Exchange® and SharePoint®.

Maximize ROI in the cloud. It's also time for a different approach to ROI. The hybrid cloud can help you reach maximum ROI for your application. It can also facilitate real-time ROI reporting through project-based accounting. Learn more.

During this phase, you will: Migrate and transform complex legacy applications.

Take control of your cloud strategy. The roles of C-level executives change as the cloud transforms your business. We’ll help you find ways those roles and responsibilities can work together more effectively.

During this phase, you will: Continue to migrate and transform complex legacy applications.

You must perform ongoing health checks to optimize your environment and maximize ROI.

Let us help with every step of your journey to the hybrid cloud.

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