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Transform your business

The cloud frees your Information Technology (IT) staff from mundane, day-to-day tasks, letting them focus on strategic ways to create value for the business. But transforming your infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming. How do you move to the cloud with minimal expense and hassle?

Rackspace Enterprise Cloud Solutions can help. Our knowledge and guidance can change the way you deliver IT, and let you harness the power of cloud computing.

Start delivering true business value

The traditional way of delivering IT forces you to manage increasingly difficult and complex environments, allocating your IT resources to maintaining both infrastructure and legacy applications. All that leaves your IT staff little time to innovate.

Are you facing any of the following problems?

  • The talent crunch: It's difficult to recruit and retain quality talent.
  • The perception of IT as a cost center: Your traditional infrastructure is capital-intensive. That leads your business and executives to see IT as an expense, rather than providing strategic value to the business.
  • Constrained resources: You dedicate nearly 80% of your IT resources to maintaining and operating existing applications and infrastructure. And let's face it—you and your staff chose a career in IT to learn and use cutting-edge technologies, not manage servers day-to-day.
  • Consumerization of IT: Business units expect near-instantaneous delivery—and respond to your monolithic, slow, and cumbersome policies and procedures by implementing their own "shadow" or "rogue IT" projects.

If so, it's time to get out of the data center business.

Not just a technology—a business model

To succeed in embracing the cloud, you must transform and change the fundamental way your IT services are delivered. We’ve crafted the 5 keys to cloud adoption success to help you get started. Think of them as a how-to guide for making cloud adoption as efficient and effective as possible.

The Rackspace IT Transformation Framework

Transitioning your applications to Rackspace doesn't need to be difficult—we'll work with you to design a practical roadmap that specifies which of your applications should move to which environment, and when. We take the guesswork out of planning and executing your move to the cloud.

Our Enterprise Cloud Solutions team creates a systematic, pragmatic plan for creating to your optimized hybrid cloud solution. Powered by an elite group of industry specialists, our team delivers Advisory Services and Professional Services, to support your business through a well planned process of strategy development, assessment, design, migration, implementation, and ongoing optimization. Want to see how we're adopting this process ourselves? Read about our Drive to the Open Cloud.

Rackspace Advisory Services helps Pearl.com harness the power of the hybrid cloud

Rackspace performed a Cloud Readiness Assessment to help Pearl.com understand its hosting needs and how to architect a hybrid cloud to meet them.

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