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Frequently asked questions about email hosting

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I’m a real estate professional using a free email service. Why use hosted email at Rackspace?

In short, a business-branded email address, ad-free distraction-free email interface, support whenever you need it and Outlook with all its bells and whistles synced across all your devices—even when offline. Free email services such as Google scan your email and attachments in order to enhance their ad placement. Protect yourself and your clients by using business-class email.

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As a real estate professional, I need uninterrupted access to my email. How long does it take to set up hosted Microsoft Exchange service?

Start setting up mailboxes immediately after signup. If concerns about fraud or spamming exist, activation may take up to 24 hours.

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I need to keep all my transactional documents, and I don’t have time to do mailbox maintenance. How much mailbox storage is available?

Each mailbox comes with 25 GB of storage, so you can save years and years of messages, documents, and image files. If needed, you can purchase up to 25GB of additional storage, up to 50 GB per mailbox. You also get a 50MB attachment size allowance at no extra cost so you can send large files like photos, flyers and presentations—so you can stay on top of every sale.

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Do I need my own domain for my real estate business in order to use hosted email at Rackspace?

Yes. We can use your existing domain or register a new domain during setup. Having a company-specific domain name also raises your professional profile with clients and vendors, helping you build awareness, recognition, and trust for your real estate business.

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I send and receive a lot of sensitive documents like contracts and bidding offers which include confidential client information. Is my email secure?

Yes. All transmissions between your device, destination devices, and our servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques keeping those confidential documents confidential.

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I’d like to promote my real estate business more efficiently. Do you offer bulk email marketing services?

Yes. We partner with iContact for bulk email marketing services. This lets you take advantage of their analytic tools to manage your email marketing efforts while Rackspace ensures your email system can handle the deluge of responses from your campaigns. (Learn more about email marketing from iContact.)

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I have client meetings and house showings all day long, so I need to access my latest emails and updated meeting information on the go. Can I sync my email and calendar data to my smart phone?

Yes. We offer ActiveSync to push email, calendar and contact data in real time to your iPhone, Windows Phone, or Android devices, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for your BlackBerry phone. Easily access your latest email, contacts, and calendar with real-time push capability. Also, Outlook with Exchange Server enables you to synchronize your offline and online Exchange Server folders. (Learn more about mobile options).

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I'm a small real estate business without much of a budget for things like email hosting. Why should I pick Rackspace instead of another provider who is cheaper?

Rackspace services are developed especially for businesses, like real estate, that understand the value of exceptional support and expertise over price. With Rackspace, you get more than a server; you get a team of the top technical experts managing your systems according to industry-leading best practices, a decade of hosting experience and industry stability, and the power of Fanatical Support® giving you direct immediate access to our team whenever you need us. So, if your business values support, reliability, and stability, Rackspace outshines other providers.

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I spend too much time dealing with spam when I could be sifting through the latest listings or emailing clients. Do you include spam/antivirus? If so, can I control those settings?

Yes and yes! Our multi-layered spam and virus scanning system is included with every mailbox at no additional cost and utilizes respected technologies from CloudMark, Trend Micro, and Message Sniffer. Users can mark messages as spam in their inbox and admins have domain-wide control over whitelists and blacklists via our intuitive Control Panel.

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I don’t have a lot of tech support resources for my real estate business. How will Rackspace help me migrate from my current email provider?

Your move to Rackspace is pain-free with our migration options. Select our Self-Service option and use the easy MigrationWhiz Tool to move your email data. Or choose a Supported Migration and let us handle the process. Either way, our team of migrations experts will be with you every step of the way.

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I’m a real estate professional, not a techie. How do I manage my account? What if I need more mailboxes or storage?

From upgrading services, adding new mailboxes, ordering additional storage, or viewing account stats, the Control Panel is your one-stop-shop for managing users and applications. The Control Panel is accessible from any Internet-connected computer. “You can tell that your team put a lot effort into making the Control Panel usable,” says Steven Ng, Vice President of Professional Services for Acumetrics. He’s right. Our Control Panel team includes user experience experts and experienced interface designers focused on making the management of your applications a breeze. If you still need help just contact our support team.

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I have some additional questions not covered above. Where can I go for answers?

That’s easy! Connect with us directly at 1-800-480-9514. You can also check out a list of additional commonly asked questions.

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