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Business Focused

Rackspace Exchange® Servers

Modern businesses need email services that focus on business email. Unlike consumer-focused email providers, like Google®, Yahoo®, and Go Daddy®, Rackspace’s Exchange hosting service is built for the unique needs of business users. Find out the five biggest reasons why Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Rackspace is the best choice.

Top 5 Reasons to Chose Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Rackspace


It Starts with Fanatical Support®

Rackspace is a service company, first and foremost. Every service we provide is built on a Fanatical Support foundation. Microsoft Hosted Exchange customers can contact us 24x7x365 via live chat, email, or telephone, from virtually everywhere on our website.

Gmail’s help page promises: “While we do read each email, you’ll only hear from us (generally within a few days) if we need more information from you.”


Focus on Business

Microsoft Exchange is built for business. Period. It offers the email and collaboration features your business needs, with the control you demand. This focus means there is no compromise when offering the very best in enterprise-class email service and support. Over 450 million employees use and love Outlook®; it was created for Exchange servers and vice-versa. No other email system allows you to FULLY utilize the communication and collaboration features found in Outlook like an Exchange hosting server system can.

Providers like Gmail and Yahoo cater to the needs of consumer email users, not to professionals who rely on email for critical business communications.


Microsoft Office Integration

If you use Microsoft Office® (and chances are you do), the integration that Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Outlook provides, with software such as Excel® and SharePoint®, is unmatched. Outlook plugs in perfectly with the world’s leading productivity suite—one yet to be duplicated.

While other services may sync with Exchange servers or work with Outlook, they can’t offer the extensive functionality of the Exchange-with-Outlook combination.


Mobile Compatibility

If your business depends on iPhone®, Android®, BlackBerry® or Windows Phone® smartphones or tablets for business communications, then there's no substitute for the true anytime, anywhere access that Exchange hosting service provides. Access and update your email, contacts, and calendar with real-time push capability to keep you in sync while you’re on the go.

BlackBerry Internet Service (version 2.6) no longer supports Gmail POP access. You can integrate Gmail with the BlackBerry email client using IMAP access, but it’s NOT officially supported by Gmail.


Privacy and Security

At Rackspace, the privacy and security of your email—and all of your Exchange hosting server data—is paramount. We NEVER scan your email for advertising opportunities, and we don’t advertise our service with taglines on your outgoing mail. And our data centers are designed to keep your data safe from all physical and technical threats. We are committed to keeping your personal information personal.

Companies like Google and Yahoo make money from search advertising revenue. Both Yahoo and Google scan the content of your email in order to serve relevant ads directly to your inbox. Google even keeps copies of your email and your personal and business information up to 60 days after you cancel service.

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