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Change the way you look at development

DevOps isn't a tool or a product. It's an operational approach that changes how organizations think about developing and deploying applications. The ultimate goal? Creating better customer experiences.

By uniting development and operations teams to automate and standardize such efforts as infrastructure deployment, you get faster innovation, accelerated time to market, improved deployment quality, better operational efficiency, and more time to focus on your core business goals.

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What is DevOps? (in simple English)

We offer two ways to help your DevOps transformation succeed:


Standard – DevOps Automation Service

Ongoing management of your DevOps tools with our Managed Operations service level

If your organization is ready to implement a DevOps approach, our experienced DevOps engineers can deploy and then manage and support all of your environments 24x7x365, so your team can focus on the activities that grow your business.

Custom – DevOps Advisory & Professional Services
with Ongoing 24/7 Support

Transformational engagement that involves your people, culture, and processes with an option to leverage DevOps professional services help and ongoing, 24/7 DevOps support.

If you need help transforming your organization to fit a DevOps approach, or want to adopt DevOps principles and processes in-house, we offer a wide range of strategy planning, professional services, and ongoing support to augment and accelerate your DevOps journey.


Adopting a DevOps approach usually requires some change...



A successful transformation starts with a culture that breaks down traditional development/operations silos, promotes communication between everyone involved in delivering applications, and emphasizes constant process and product improvement.



Continuously monitoring applications and environments iteratively improves code and processes. Constant improvement is central to DevOps, and you can't improve what you can't measure.



Treating infrastructure as code (using tools like Chef, Windows PowerShell® DSC, StatsD/Graphite, logstash, and Github) helps make operations a seamless fabric.



Combining siloed teams helps eliminate the pursuit of different—and often conflicting—goals and metrics. Sharing ideas and improvements, no matter where they originate, creates a vital feedback loop for the entire app delivery process.

In short, the process of developing, releasing, and monitoring code becomes a single integrated, efficient structure for continuous deployment. And we would know—we've used this approach for years to successfully deploy code and launch products at an ever-accelerating pace.

Download our free DevOps ebook

Download our free DevOps ebook

The DevOps Mindset: Real-World Insights From Tech Leaders

Understand the successes and challenges other organizations have experienced in implementing a DevOps approach. You'll learn from IT professionals on the cutting edge of DevOps, including Jim Kimball (HedgeServ), James Kenigsberg (2U), Jeff Hackert (Riot Games), and Bharat Krish (HBO Latin America).

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