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You write code. We automate your infrastructure.

With Managed Operations service level—DevOps Automation Service, we automate your entire application environment by treating your infrastructure as code. Through configuration management tools such as Chef and Windows PowerShell® Desired State Configuration (DSC), we automate the deployment and scaling of your application environments.

Once your application is deployed, we manage and support all of your environments 24x7x365. Our DevOps Engineers use application performance monitoring tools such as New Relic, Logstash, and StatsD/Graphite to spot and respond to performance anomalies before they cause service disruption—and it's all backed by Fanatical Support® and a 15-minute response SLA for performance-issue alerts. It's just what you'd expect from the #1 managed cloud company.

With DevOps Automation, you can relax knowing that your environments are automated using the same tools and best practices that power the Rackspace Cloud and are managed by some of the world’s best DevOps Engineers.

Use cases include:


Enforce consistency

Our best practices go beyond just bash scripts and images to create identical development, staging, and testing environments based on same configurations.


Configuration management

Get the right balance of base images and instance configuration at build time, simplifying image management and instance building across infrastructure types.


Change management

We help adhere to strict source control practices for your environment, so that any changes can always be audited, tracked, and reversed if needed.


Respond to alerts

With our team configuring the monitoring, managing the environment, and responding to alerts as they occur, your team can focus on your application.

DevOps tools supported

Action DevOps tools Rackspace responsibility Customer benefits
Infrastructure automation
  • Chef
  • Windows PowerShell DSC
Automate your existing infrastructure using Chef and Windows PowerShell DSC. Write, test, and maintain cookbooks. Automate dev, staging, and production environments.
  • Keep dev and production environments in sync, enabling faster deployment and quicker time to market of new features.
  • Scale horizontally without manual setup.
  • StatsD/Graphite
  • New Relic
  • Rackspace Cloud Monitoring
Monitor performance metrics and provide a Graphite dashboard of counters, timers, and gauges.
  • Understand how your performance improves or worsens in response to code changes and other events.
  • Track critical business metrics such as credit card processing times and signups.
Log aggregation
  • logstash
Aggregate logs from all of your devices and present them to you through the Kibana web front-end.
  • Spot anomalies and patterns in product usage by simplifying analytics of millions of lines of logs.
  • Understand the user experience and drill down to explain performance trends.
Source control
  • GitHub
Provide cookbooks, workflows, and all code that powers your infrastructure. Code is made available in Private Repos.
  • Have full visibility into the code that powers your infrastructure. Collaborate with Rackspace on changes to your environment. Every change is tracked and documented.

Supported software: Installation, configuration and optimization via cookbooks


Linux stack

  • Configuration management: Chef
  • Languages and frameworks: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask
  • Caching: Memcached, Varnish, Redis
  • Web servers: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL
  • Message queue: RabbitMQ
  • Log aggregation: Logstash
  • Application performance monitoring: New Relic, StatsD/Graphite, Cloud Monitoring
  • Other: Solr, Elasticsearch, Gluster

Windows stack

  • Configuration management: Windows DSC
  • Languages: .NET, PHP
  • Web server: IIS
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other: Installing 3rd party packages and hotfixes, Active Directory forest/domain and user account management

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