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Enterprise-class storage for demanding workloads

Network Attached Storage (NAS) supports a growing range of workload types, serving data to your users quickly and reliably—without latency issues. It's a smart storage investment if you need a long-term, customized solution that you won't easily outgrow or need to replace. Start with as little as scaling capacity as need without downtime. Choose from a variety of industry-leading storage platforms, based upon your requirements for performance, advanced protocols, built-in features, and capacity.

Common workload types:

  • Virtualization
  • Ecommerce
  • Media and entertainment
  • Video surveillance
  • Online archive/disaster recovery
  • Big Data

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Handle the most demanding storage needs with scalable storage and available high-performance solid state drives (SSD).

Advanced features

Advanced features

NAS offers deduplication for improved performance and efficiency, replication to simplify data protection, and snapshots to provide point-in-time recovery.

Accessible by multiple machines

Accessible by multiple machines

NAS file storage is accessible by multiple machines without custom coding.

NAS offerings

Shared NAS
(EMC Isilon)

Ideal storage solution for small to medium file-based (SMB/CIFS, NFS, HDFS) data sets, with a low cost of entry and fast provisioning.

  • Small to medium data sets (starting as small as 350GB)
  • Supports file-level and Hadoop file-level access
  • Supports replication, snapshots, tiering, connection load balancing, and non-disruptive scaling

Dedicated NAS

NetApp Data ONTAP offers flexible, robust, scalable file-level and block-level storage in a single environment that works across all NetApp platforms.

  • Medium to large data sets (from 5TB to over 2PB)
  • Supports file-level and block-level access
  • Supports unified (multi-protocol), deduplication, replication, snapshots, vaulting, encryption (NSE), PCI-based acceleration, FlashCache, hybrid aggregates, solid-state media

Dedicated NAS
(EMC Isilon)

Powerful, simple, and reliable storage for file-level data sets larger than 70TB.

  • Large to very large data sets (from 70TB to multiple PB)
  • Supports file-level and Hadoop file-level protocols
  • Supports replication, snapshots, tiering, connection load balancing, non-disruptive scaling, deduplication, and encryption (SED).

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