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Advisory Services

Strategy & Transformation Advisory Services

As IT organisations struggle to address business requirements in terms of speed and efficiency, the need for a holistic and long-term IT strategy is often overlooked in favour of "getting things done." However, according to Gartner,

“The poorest-performing IT organisations are distinguished by weak delivery practices, the highest-performing by strong strategy practices.”

The mission of Rackspace Advisory Services is to help you articulate your IT strategy around datacentre consolidation, hosting, cloud, Big Data and DevOps and relate that directly to your business goals and objectives. We do this by engaging in workshops around specific areas.

Strategy Workshops

These aim to:

  • Help us to understand the high level business strategy around the specific set of challenges you are looking to solve
  • Provide guidance and a considered view on ways to execute this strategy in the form of a strategy document
  • Provide an analysis of your applications and readiness for the cloud
  • Provide development dependencies (where applicable) on changes needed to your application
  • Recommend an adoption strategy and roadmap for migration and transformation

Click to find out more about our IT Transformation and Cloud Strategy workshops.

Choosing a Workshop

Which workshop is appropriate for your needs? The table below highlights their individual benefits and provides guidance depending on the challenges you're facing:

Workshop Geschäftliche Herausforderungen Workshop Outcomes
IT Transformation
  • Cost optimisation of your current IT estate or DC footprint
  • Embracing agility in your application or infrastructure stacks
  • Improving IT
  • Implementing an enterprise strategy
  • Adopting Hybrid Cloud
  • Understand how Rackspace's IT Transformation methodology could benefit your organisation, optimise your IT spend and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Understand industry trends, for example Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and how they can impact your business
  • Understand how to optimise your applications and infrastructure
Cloud Strategy
  • Understanding Cloud
  • How to adopt Cloud or Hybrid Cloud
  • What needs to change in your IT estate to make cloud effective
  • How to move from CAPEX to OPEX for IT procurement
  • Understand how to build an efficient and flexible hosting platform
  • Understand how to optimise your application for cloud or a hybrid solution
  • Understand how DevOps can help your business
  • Understand the value OpenStack can bring to your business

Strategy Document

The strategy document produced by our experienced technology strategists from these interactive workshops gives you an executable roadmap customised to your unique business challenges.

Benefits include:

  • Facilitation: Your customers' IT stakeholders can meet with a senior Rackspace technology strategist, allowing them to discuss strategies, challenges and potential business solutions face-to-face
  • Market View: The Rackspace technology strategist will present a market view of IT Transformation, Cloud, Big Data and DevOps as well as available Rackspace options
  • Executable Strategy: The strategy report focuses on business outcomes and provides an executable roadmap, which can be implemented regardless of the technology vendor or provider 

If you are interested in engaging with Rackspace Advisory Services please contact us directly.

DevOps & Automation Advisory

DevOps & Automation Advisory

DevOps Design

Unser Entwicklungsberatungsteam (DevOps) kann Ihnen dabei helfen, die Veränderungen in der Arbeitskultur Ihres Unternehmens zu verstehen, welche die Einrichtung einer agilen und automatisierten Umgebung mit sich bringt, die auf unserer Cloud-Plattform basiert. We will work with you to help identify your organisations structure and skills gaps. We will take the concepts we introduce in our strategy workshops and customise them around your business and your applications to provide a full transformation proposal.

  • Determining the suitability of your existing applications infrastructure to help you build the required automated cloud environment necessary for you to succeed towards a Hybrid Cloud solution
  • Helping to enable you to understand how to be more agile with your infrastructure
  • Equipping you to be more aggressive in reducing time to market
  • Supporting a less monolithic Enterprise Change Management Strategy
  • Providing a requirements document for infrastructure automation in your business


An Introduction to DevOps Workshop

Our DevOps Workshop is the first step in understanding the leap to business agility through the collaboration of operations and developers. We encourage the mindset that this is not simply a technology shift but a transformation to your business model. Click here to learn more.

  • Understanding and evaluating some of the most advanced public cloud, private cloud, dedicated and hybrid solutions available on the market today
  • Providing detail on what DevOps is and clarifying some of the terms that surround the approach
  • Examples of how to build development teams to embrace agile development and how that relates to cloud infrastructure


Configuration Management & Push to Production

These sessions expand the DevOps principles by showing how existing configuration management and testing tools can be constructed in an end to end process to enable infrastructure automation and the capability to push new functionality to production with no manual intervention.

Benefits include:
  • Understand and explore the tools that enable continuous integration and deployment
  • Writing automated configuration management for applications and solutions
  • How to manage code repositories and versioning when working with automated deployment strategies
  • Risk mitigation and control points to consider when implementing these development methodologies
  • Map the right infrastructure to these processes
Professionelle Dienstleistungen

Rackspace Professional Services

Businesses rarely operate with a live pool of spare resources or specialist expertise tailored to deal with unforeseen challenges and project resource requirements in addition to the demands of day to day IT operations. Rackspace Professional Services can offer utility expertise across a number of core skills to help advise, manage and deliver discrete packages of work across a number of disciplines. Our Core Team Includes:

  • Transformation Consultants
  • Programme and Project Managers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Datenbank-Services

Through our core team and partner network we provide a wide variety of services for our customer base, including:

  • Transition & Migration Services
  • Transformation Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Performance Testing
  • Virtualisation Services
  • Lifecycle Services
  • Schulung

To find out more about professional services contact us here, or contact your account manager.

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