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Advisory Services

Advisory and Transformation Services

A cloud solution should match your business objectives and the adoption of a cloud solution and continuous management of a solution should appear seamless to the organisation and its business users. Rackspace Advisory and Transformation Services provide the detailed insight needed to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Advisory and Transformation services, as part of our Technical Services team, help deliver the expertise you need, from strategy planning and application discovery & management to transformation design and implementation. Our team of experts include DevOps Architects, Cloud Architects, Transformation Consultants, Project Managers, and Solution Architects and Engineers all of whom will work with you every step of the way depending on your individual requirements.

We provide a number of workshops including:


IT Transformation Strategy Workshop

Als Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung Ihrer IT-Strategie bieten wir Ihnen eine Reihe von Workshops an, die durch unser Team von Technologie-Strategen durchgeführt und um die Expertise unserer Transformations-Berater ergänzt werden. Alle Sitzungen orientieren sich an Ihren konkreten IT-Anforderungen, und in Kooperation mit dem IT-Management des jeweiligen Unternehmens wird daran gearbeitet, eine kohärente Strategie und Empfehlungen für das Vorgehen auszuarbeiten. Click here to learn more.

  • Prepare for tomorrow by analysing and profiling your key business applications
  • Understand how Rackspace’s IT Transformation methodology could benefit your organisation, optimise your IT spend and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Gain an understanding of the architectural considerations of your applications for adoption in a cloud environment
  • Fit your application, instead of forcing your application to fit the cloud and allow Rackspace to advise you in the formulation of your Hybrid IT Cloud Strategy



The Cloud Strategy Workshop is a complimentary session in which our team of Senior Technology Strategists engage your company’s IT leadership to collaboratively assess your current IT state and look for methods to optimise efficiency, scalability, flexibility and agility. Click here to learn more.

Benefits include:
  • Prepare for tomorrow by understanding and evaluating some of the most advanced public cloud, private cloud, dedicated and hybrid solutions available on the market today
  • Build an efficient and flexible hosting platform to allow improved innovation for your organisation
  • Get an inside perspective of best practices derived from working with thousands of other companies with similar goals and challenges
  • Bereitstellung einer auf OpenStack™ basierenden Plattform für die Flexibilität, nach der ihr Unternehmen verlangt
  • Understand why Development and Operations integration is essential for successful cloud adoption
DevOps & Automation Advisory

DevOps & Automation Advisory

DevOps Design

Unser Entwicklungsberatungsteam (DevOps) kann Ihnen dabei helfen, die Veränderungen in der Arbeitskultur Ihres Unternehmens zu verstehen, welche die Einrichtung einer agilen und automatisierten Umgebung mit sich bringt, die auf unserer Cloud-Plattform basiert. We will work with you to help identify your organisations structure and skills gaps. We will take the concepts we introduce in our strategy workshops and customise them around your business and your applications to provide a full transformation proposal.

  • Determining the suitability of your existing applications infrastructure to help you build the required automated cloud environment necessary for you to succeed towards a Hybrid Cloud solution
  • Helping to enable you to understand how to be more agile with your infrastructure
  • Equipping you to be more aggressive in reducing time to market
  • Supporting a less monolithic Enterprise Change Management Strategy
  • Providing a requirements document for infrastructure automation in your business


An Introduction to DevOps Workshop

Our DevOps Workshop is the first step in understanding the leap to business agility through the collaboration of operations and developers. We encourage the mindset that this is not simply a technology shift but a transformation to your business model. Click here to learn more.

  • Understanding and evaluating some of the most advanced public cloud, private cloud, dedicated and hybrid solutions available on the market today
  • Providing detail on what DevOps is and clarifying some of the terms that surround the approach
  • Examples of how to build development teams to embrace agile development and how that relates to cloud infrastructure


Configuration Management & Push to Production

These sessions expand the DevOps principles by showing how existing configuration management and testing tools can be constructed in an end to end process to enable infrastructure automation and the capability to push new functionality to production with no manual intervention.

Benefits include:
  • Understand and explore the tools that enable continuous integration and deployment
  • Writing automated configuration management for applications and solutions
  • How to manage code repositories and versioning when working with automated deployment strategies
  • Risk mitigation and control points to consider when implementing these development methodologies
  • Map the right infrastructure to these processes
Discovery Services

Discovery Services

The right architecture will enable you to move between private, hybrid, and public cloud seamlessly, without impact to services and be completely transparent to users. And this is exactly the point of hybrid cloud: it's about flexibility and choice. But in order to avoid lock-in, you need the right architecture. Architectural Design and planning is integral to any transition. Know what applications you have in your estate:

  • Provide an analysis of your applications and readiness for the cloud
  • Provide development dependencies where applicable on changes needed in your application
  • Recommend and adoption strategy and roadmap for migration and transformation
Programme Management Services

Programme Management Services

Rackspace Programme Management will aim to help maintain a focused link between your strategy and the benefits of your investment programme. Communication and reporting strategies are agreed upfront, and our experienced team will work with you to create reports based upon recommendations and facts, not assumed conclusions. You are involved in all decisions from start to finish helping you ensure your projects and programme objectives are achieved. Providing the structure needed to realise your vision through the controlled delivery of your IT project portfolio. Click here to learn more.

  • Methodical approach based on PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)
  • Clear communication route
  • Experienced technical specialists to provide Fanatical Support® throughout your journey
  • Proactive risk management
  • All plans are agreed with you, with regular progress reporting throughout your project