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The traditional way of delivering IT forces you to manage increasingly difficult and complex environments, allocating your IT resources to maintaining both infrastructure and legacy applications. All that leaves your IT staff little time to innovate.

Are you facing any of the following problems?

Understanding Cloud: You know that the cloud is supposed to be able to help your  business become more flexible and agile, but how do you strategically manage the transformation?

Constrained resources: You dedicate nearly 80% of your IT resources to maintaining and operating existing applications and infrastructure. And let's face it—you and your staff chose a career in IT to learn and use cutting-edge technologies, not manage servers day-to-day.

Managing applications: The perception of IT as a cost centre: Your traditional infrastructure is capital-intensive. That leads your business and executives to see IT as an expense, rather than providing strategic value to the business.

Consumerisation of IT: Business units expect near-instantaneous delivery—and respond to your monolithic, slow, and cumbersome policies and procedures by implementing their own "shadow" or "rogue IT" projects.

The talent crunch: It's difficult to recruit and retain quality talent.

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