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Extend your data center into Rackspace's infrastructure

In IT, you're always asked to do more with less. How do you expand your capacity to meet your company's growing needs in an era of tight capital budgets?

You use ours. With Dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™, you can seamlessly extend your existing VMware environment into our hosted single-tenant infrastructure. Use the same tools, processes, and staff you use today, but with a fraction of the time and cost it would take to expand capacity in your existing data center or colocation facilities.

In short, you get a hybrid cloud, with us managing everything from network and server hardware through the entire VMware software stack. Plus, you get the proactive support of VMware Certified Professionals-experienced in VMware, operating systems, and applications-to help you maximize the return on your investment.

Rackspace is like your virtual data center—with no capital expense (CapEx) and backed by our proactive Fanatical Support® and expertise.

Mehr Flexibilität

Increase or decrease capacity to match changing demand, while freeing up CapEx that can be repurposed for high-value projects. Get additional hardware deployed in as little as 5 days.

Gain flexibility

For workloads that are a good fit, connect Dedicated vCenter to our Rackspace Public Cloud for exceptional scalability and flexibility to support unexpected spikes in demand.

Geringeres Risiko

We can help you architect a hosted environment that uses hardware from trusted vendors like EMC®, Dell®, and Cisco®. It's all backed by our robust SLAs, including a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and a One-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

Erstklassiger VMware-Partner

Wir sind einer der weltweit größten vCloud® Air Network™-Partner für VMware und verfügen über erstklassige Technikspezialisten, die unerwartete, softwarebezogene Probleme innerhalb des VMware-Stack sehr schnell lösen.

Wir verfügen über eine umfangreiche Erfahrung in der Verwaltung von VMware. Wir sind bereits seit 2006 auf das VMware-Hosting spezialisiert und haben schon Tausende Umgebungen unterschiedlicher Form, Größe und Komplexität bereitgestellt. Unsere Architekturen beinhalten bewährte VMware-Verfahren und unsere eigenen Richtlinien und Verfahren, die wir seit fast einem Jahrzehnt kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln.

Wichtigste Eigenschaften

Unprecedented control

Your own dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™ running in our data center exposes the vSphere API, so you can use your existing scripts and familiar tools. Keep your current processes, and leverage your existing knowledge.

Verwaltete Infrastruktur

Get all of your infrastructure—from networking, servers, and storage through the complete VMware software stack—installed, configured, managed, and monitored 24x7x365 by engineers.

Umfassendes Fachwissen

Unser Team aus VMware-zertifizierten Experten (VCP) unterstützt Sie bei dem Aufbau, der Bereitstellung Ihrer Umgebung sowie der Fehlerbehebung, wie komplex Ihre Umgebung auch sein mag. Extensive VMware experience combined with managed hosting expertise offers a complete, flexible solution that's hard to match.

Sicherheit mit einer Single-Tenant-Lösung

Get physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers for the enhanced security of a single-tenant environment.

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