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Hybrid Explained


Your hybrid cloud strategy revolves around the optimum mix of public cloud, private cloud and bare metal infrastructure. It's about finding the right option for the unique demands of your organisation. It's your business after all.

This ebook explores the typical scenarios that are ripe for hybrid customisations.

  1. The Online Rollercoaster: spiky web businesses look ripe for public cloud but standard workloads suit dedicated hardware.
  2. The Legacy Nightmare: a complex IT landscape is a fact of life for many enterprises and lots of it should stay put.
  3. The Data Dynamo: crunching big data analytics might sound like a public cloud shaped hole but storing it is another issue.
  4. The Compliance Minefield: highly regulated organisations often ignore public cloud but that can mean avoidable costs.

In every scenario there are ways to improve performance, economics, agility, security, licensing...

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