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Opex vs. Capex


CIO and IT departments need to deliver more value and better quality with lower budgets. Getting capital expenditure (Capex) projects off the ground is harder than ever. And you don't want to risk your flexibility just to sweat your IT assets.

The answer is simple: look for sweet-spot hosted and cloud solutions that are based on operational (and lower) costs. The shift from asset ownership to monthly service fees has become a trend that no cost-concious business can afford to ignore.

So what are the benefits of outsourcing all, or parts, of your IT estate? Here are a few tasters to whet your appetite.

  • Shift Capex to Opex - Move spend from upfront capital cost to monthly operational expenditure: pay as you grow, save as you slow.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership - Virtualise and outsource your non-core applications, pay-as-you-go with cloud computing and maximize you license costs.
  • Build your Business Case - Open standards mean vendor flexilbity, cloud bursting for spiky traffic and increased focus on sustainable computing.

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