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Understanding Cloud Economics


Everybody thinks it's easy. Cloud is the cheapest option. Simple as that.

And, as a rule, that's bang on. But, as is often the case with economics, things are not as straightforward as they seem. There are outliers, freaks and the downright bizarre.

That's why it always makes sense to start your cloud journey by answering some questions that determine the economics of your cloud. Getting on top of these points from day one will help you achieve savings without any unwanted surprises.

  • What is the shape of your demand graph? A crucial piece of insight that will help you plan.
  • What does our journey from CAPEX to OPEX look like?
  • Can you truly measure the total cost of ownership?
  • What are the variables to measure ROI?

Armed with these insights you can truly work out the economics of your cloud. And leave the generalisations to everyone else.

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