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Curious about Hybrid? Considering Open Cloud? Want to find out what they are all about? Well, have a look below to find out...

Featured Resources

Hybrid Power Slideshare

The reasons why an open view of hybrid is best for your business. Read more.

Cloud Benefits Infographic

The economic benefits of cloud visualised in simple logic. Read more.

Going Opex to Cut Costs

Soothe your balance sheet with cloud. Read more.


The state of modern cloud

Where are we going next?

Hybrid explained

Applying common sense for your best business outcomes.

Hybrid power

A cautionary tale for IT folks and innovators.

Cloud with DevOps

Innovate at cloud speed

Disruptive cloud

Lower the threshold of innovation viability using Open Cloud.



Get the best hosting solution for your needs.


The rise and rise of OpenStack.

Cloud benefits

The economic benefits of cloud visualised in simple logic.


Nervous about cloud

Making the decision between hybrid and cloud computing.

Answers to Hybrid

Confused about hybrid cloud? Get some answers here.

Cloud bursting

A practitioner's guide to cloud bursting.

Economics of cloud

The cloud is a great deal. But make sure you get your sums right.

Getting started in cloud

Start with the benefits of cloud and avoid the pitfalls.

Cloud and digital media

The role of tech in media's complex future.

Cloud benefits

Report takes state of cloud from 1300 companies.

Going opex to cut costs

Soothe your balance sheet with cloud.


CERN innovates with cloud

CERN visionaries bring cloud innovation to life.

Cloud and innovation

Cloud heroes lead the way by embracing innovation.

Deploying cloud today

Where businesses put cloud to work

OpenStack at Rackspace

OpenStack is maturing fast. Some of the key people tell us where it's going next.

Bob Tarzey

Quocira analyst outlines vision for open cloud.