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Here, we celebrate people: the innovators who are changing... well, everything. They do it because they won't be held back by tech stacks or old-school thinking. And so can you.

The State of the Modern Cloud

Cloud is coming at IT departments thick and fast. As the cloud model matures, it's a good time to stop and think. And a good time to hear from the people who have been there done that, bought the T-shirt and bear the scars.

We’ve handpicked six cloud veterans to provide their thoughts and insights on the potential and the pitfalls of cloud in the enterprise.

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The Disruptive Cloud

What's the main benefit of cloud computing? Some say reduced costs. Others say flexibility. But, we think it's the innovation that drives true business advantage and supports (or guards against) your disruption.

That's why our new ebook focuses on how you can lower the threshold of viability for innovation projects in your business today.

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Cloud Benefits

We joined forces with Manchester Business school to survey over 1300 businesses. And now it's time to share all the data and nuggets of information we've collected. Read the study.

Hybrid Explained

Find the right option for the unique demands of your organisation. This ebook explores typical scenarios that are ripe for hybrid customisations. Read the eBook

Everyone but not everything

Is Cloud always the right answer? No. So where does it fit in then? Read the blog.