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Hier feiern wir Menschen: diejenigen, die mit ihren Innovationen alles verändern. Sie tun es, weil sie sich nicht von technischen Hindernissen oder altmodischem Denken aufhalten lassen. Das können Sie auch.



Optimise Your Move to the Cloud

5 steps for business transformation

Do you want your business to achieve its full potential? In this eBook from Rackspace and EMC, you'll learn how to transform your business in five steps - Strategy, Discovery, Design, Transition and Transformation. It all starts with planning - we'll show you how clear strategic goals are vital in ensuring seamless cloud migration and deployment, and a successful business model to boot.

With a page devoted to each step of the process, this eBook couldn’t be simpler or more concise in summarising the techniques you’ll need for optimising your use of the Cloud.

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A New Age of eCommerce

Answering new tech challenges

A user-friendly web platform makes your business adequate – but a seamless retail experience between devices, stores and all the social interactions in-between makes your business excellent.

Ampersand, Rackspace, Salmon and Conexus have come together to bring you this retail-focused eBook, looking at the importance of building a successful omnichannel experience for your customers. Our panel of experts will show you how to use innovative, intelligent technology infrastructures to sell more, delight customers and manage costs - so you can exceed expectations.

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Getting to Big Data

The 4 Ss that deliver Big Data’s promise

In this eBook, we explain to you the four Ss you need to produce successful solutions – Scalability, Safety, Speed and Support.

We also show you how an innovative approach can help you get the most out of Big Data. Traditionally, we only deal with the structured stuff, which makes up 5% of data. 95% of data is completely unstructured - so why not embrace the mess? Through delving into it, you can make connections and find insights you couldn't possibly have noticed if you'd confined yourself to that neat and tidy 5%. Read this eBook and revolutionise the way you think.

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Die Vorteile der Cloud

Wir haben uns mit der Manchester Business School zusammengetan und über 1300 Unternehmen befragt. Nun ist es an der Zeit, all die Daten und Informationen, die wir gesammelt haben, zu teilen. Studie lesen.

Hybrid-Lösungen erklärt

Finden Sie die richtige Lösung für die einzigartigen Bedürfnisse Ihrer Unternehmung. In diesem eBook werden typische Szenarien erläutert, die von einer Hybrid-Anpassung profitieren würden. eBook lesen

Jeder, aber nicht alles

Ist die Cloud immer die richtige Antwort? Nein. Wann ist sie es dann? Blog lesen.