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Für Spitzen und Ausfälle planen

eCommerce traffic is rarely consistent. Saisonale Spitzen an Weihnachten und Ostern sind einfach vorherzusehen – schwieriger zu planen sind dagegen die viralen Spitzen unserer vernetzten Welt. What if one of your products is mentioned on TV? What if a celebrity tweets about you? Sie wissen nie, wann und wo die nächste Welle auf Sie zukommt und woher die Nachfrage kommt. Unvorbereitet verpassen Sie goldene Möglichkeiten, die nie wiederkommen. If your site cannot cope you risk slow page load times and downtime, which directly translate to lost revenue and reputational damage, a huge risk especially when your competition is just a click away and you may never get that customer back. Try our page load and downtime cost calculator tools to understand the impact this could have on your business.

Stop worrying about when the next spike will come and forget about predicting demand. Instead, invest your effort into building a fully flexible, scalable hybrid Cloud infrastructure that will automatically respond in line with the demand and get you back to spending your time innovating and driving your business forward.

Host your online store in the Cloud for the ultimate in scalability and flexibility - handle peaks and spikes, and achieve blazing fast page load speeds no matter what the file size, or how much traffic your site experiences. Seamlessly link to a dedicated infrastructure, for secure processing of orders and transacting online payments in the way your customers demand.

Own the base and rent the spike: Run your business within a dedicated infrastructure but build in the ability to overflow or “burst” into the cloud  as and when necessary to increase agility.

"Dedicated servers provide us with the capacity we need combined with the high level of control and security required for us to transact payments and meet PCI compliance obligations. But, harnessing the scalability and flexibility of the cloud allows us to meet both the predictable and unpredictable peaks and troughs we inevitably matter where our customers are, what device they are using, or how busy the site is, they always get the experience they have come to expect from"

You need an infrastructure capable of handling anything today’s virtual shopping environment throws at it. Talk to one of our experts today, or take a look at Rackspace Academy which offers a range of regular training courses and webinars to further your eCommerce infrastructure knowledge.


Geschwindigkeitstest für Seitenladezeiten

Langsame Ladezeiten führen zu geringer Kundenzufriedenheit Die niedrige Kundenzufriedenheit führt zu einem Reputations- und Umsatzverlust. Testen Sie unsere praktischen Hilfsmittel, um herauszufinden, was Ihre Website verlangsamt.

Testen Sie die Seitenladezeit


Ist doch ganz klar: Wenn Ihre Website nicht funktioniert, ist sie nicht profitabel. Sind Sie für Nachfragespitzen vorbereitet, oder bricht Ihre Seite unter der Belastung zusammen? Berechnen Sie, was Sie ein Seitenausfall kostet.

Berechnen Sie die Kosten eines Ausfalls

Peak Season Prep Guide

Click below to read our new Peak Season Prep Guide - aimed at helping you prepare your website for its next big business rush.

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