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Dedicated, entry-level storage

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) provides customization, flexibility, and scalability within one dedicated, single-tenant array. It's a simple and powerful storage solution, ideal for applications that require an efficient, fully redundant, array to maintain availability. Our DAS solutions use industry-leading EMC® VNX technology.

Common use cases:

  • Web servers
  • Rich media
  • Virtualization
  • Databases and database clusters
  • Private Cloud
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® and Exchange®
Direct Attached Storage

Scalable & Flexible

Scale up to 75 disks (150TB), adding disks as you need them. Multiple configuration options are available for a variety of storage needs, including transactional databases, media downloads, archiving, and application clustering.



Monitored by dedicated support teams 24x7x365, and protected by our 6-Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee. It's easy on your budget, enabling you to scale your storage independently of your compute.



Our dedicated solution ensures that you're the only one accessing data on your drives. It can also help to satisfy requirements for certain compliance programs.

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