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Global Intelligence Alliance

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With more than 100 clients across the globe depending on it to deliver and host their market monitoring and analysis services on a daily basis, Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) needs a hosting company it can trust. Rackspace was the obvious choice to take over this task in 2010, and it has been proving itself invaluable ever since.

Reliability is key

GIA, a leading provider of strategic market intelligence services and software, is growing at a phenomenal rate - with corporate users ranging from industrial manufacturers in the US to pharmaceutical giants in China. There are more than 40,000 people worldwide using its Intelligence Plaza software to gather, analyse and share market intelligence, and its impressive list of clients includes multinationals such as Philips Healthcare, Bosch, BASF and KONE.

In 2010 the team at GIA started looking for a new hosting company because they had outgrown their previous provider. "Our software business keeps on growing: we have a global user base that relies on our services 24/7 and we are also heavily focusing on end-users with mobile devices. We wanted to expand the capabilities that we had with a partner who has similar industry-leading standards to us when it comes to serving clients," explains GIA's vice president of technology, Petteri Verronen.

GIA's main criterion was an impeccable level of service and support. "GIA has a strong reputation for service quality, customer orientation and best-in-class software. Our clients give our software a high satisfaction score and we measure that on a continuous basis, so naturally we have strict expectations of a hosting company in terms of hosting uptime and other measurable services," says Verronen. "We need a partner who will react quickly and address issues proactively with us."

It's good to talk

GIA selected Rackspace's Intensive-level, dedicated-hosting package, which offers the highest level of service available at Rackspace, and was then allocated a Service Delivery Team, consisting of a Service Delivery Manager and a Lead Engineer. This team works closely with Verronen and GIA's director of software development, Lauri Paloahde, to ensure the day-to-day service is running smoothly, as well as continually discussing how GIA provides world-class competitive intelligence via Intelligence Plaza - a robust, scalable enterprise software that enables full control of the intelligence process.

This collaborative method of working is one Paloahde is especially enthusiastic about: "We focus on customer intimacy with our own clients. Rather than just being partners, we are close partners who understand their business and their requirements and help them stay ahead of the competition. That kind of mindset is clearly something that also prevails at Rackspace."

Earlier this year, the Rackspace team worked with GIA to refresh their infrastructure with new hardware, increased capacity and performance, and upgraded operating systems. The close dialogue between GIA and Rackspace allowed the platform migration to be managed in a way that minimised disruption.

Guaranteed network uptime

Since moving to Rackspace GIA has experienced measurable differences in both the uptime and troubleshooting speed, reports Paloahde. There are two reasons why Rackspace succeeds at this where others fail: One is the physical resources, and the second is the people who support the infrastructure to make sure it stays up. That's why Rackspace is able to provide a guarantee of 100% network uptime.

Verronen concludes: "Delivery is key to us being able to trust our partners. Our business operates 24/7 across the world. As one office shuts down for the day, another opens for business elsewhere on the globe. Having Rackspace to ensure that things are running around the clock allows us to concentrate on our key business."

Trusted partner

If, like GIA, you want a partner offering world-class hosting with pick-up-the-phone-and-it's-sorted customer service, visit or call the sales team for a free chat on 0800 988 0100.

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