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First Contact SaaS

First Contact Relies on Rackspace

​SaaS developer DCSL Software reveals how a new call centre prospect management and call scripting system is making full use of combining dedicated and cloud hosting.

DCSL Software is a software development company creating and hosting database solutions for a wide range of applications across a diverse user base. One such application is their advanced First Contact SaaS product; the first in a series of fully-adaptable, customisable CRM and call management suites, designed to offer low-cost entry to highly-efficient business management products without need to purchase software.

Reputation relies on reliability
The company's reputation relies on providing customers with reliable hosting for its products. Nick Thompson is Managing Director at DCSL Software, "When we first set up, we employed an array of desktop servers which demanded huge support in terms of the many hours and technical ability involved. This soon proved to be immensely time consuming and quickly required us to outsource our web hosting to ease the increasing work pressure. The move was disastrous. No support was available from the co-hosting company and we soon faced major issues with uptime and server management - certainly not the image or experience we wished to paint to a customer base looking for 100% availability."

Rackspace provides full uptime
Nick relayed, "Fortunately, ten years ago we found Rackspace® Hosting and we haven't looked back. Rackspace has proven to be a very valuable hosting partner and has enabled us to develop and distribute highly-sophisticated online software packages without any fear of downtime or network issues." The highly-stable platform is operated under Rackspace's Intensive hosting package. This Fanatical Support® provides constant monitoring 24-hours a day, along with one-hour product replacement in the case of hardware failure.

24/7 Level III Technical support is essential for SaaS
"An incident involving one of our servers running out of disk space late one night quickly had the Rackspace support team working flat out to discover the problem and implement a solution before disaster struck," revealed Nick. "Fortunately a very knowledgeable tech was able to magically retrieve lots of disk space from nowhere and the system remained up and running at full capacity. By morning, everything was operating as normal. It is this level of support that is essential for our business and the reason we would not change our hosting arrangements. Rackspace has become an integral partner for our business, which has grown to feature sophisticated products like First Contact.

Changing the face of software
First Contact is a prospect management system incorporating call process management, workflow and call scripting. It has proven popular with the financial and insurance markets, as well as health and government applications, where strict controls and workplace automation play a big part in ensuring full compliance with industry standards. The cloud-based system is very simple to install and requires little training to start working effectively. The hosted software simplifies the in or outbound call handling processes - perfect for cleansing data, qualifying prospects, gaining customers or managing fulfilment. Call workflow can be fully-tailored to each business and the clear and simple agent interface improves usability and speed. Like most database products, real-time reporting enables instant reporting and visibility on agent performance. Plus, the system can be integrated with existing CRM systems and other third-party software.

Dependability combined with lower prices
Above all, the SaaS First Contact package is reliable, cheap, powerful and clever. The cloud-based system allows companies hassle-free setup, full data protection and global access. This flexibility and accessibility could not be achieved without the Rackspace 100% network uptime guarantee. If you would more information on First Contact, please visit the website at or call the sales team on 01252 235 422.

Hosting is key
Nick Thompson closed, “Our business could not operate effectively without the symbiotic relationship with Rackspace Hosting. We are now expanding our applications and will be making far more use of the secure, managed cloud facilities through a RackConnect® hybrid solution, allowing the full integration of cloud and dedicated servers. This will mean far greater flexibility for the business and give us the ability to spin up new servers to cope with any space or connectivity issues.” Nick added, “I would certainly recommend Rackspace as a hosting partner to any company where uptime and system monitoring are essential to everyday success.”

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