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British clothing company Barbour, famous for its iconic wax jackets, has a loyal international audience for its wide range of heritage and lifestyle clothing and accessories. When the company developed an e-commerce site to serve its ever-growing customer base, it wanted a hosting partner that shared its hardworking values. Barbour chose Rackspace.

The importance of teamwork

In 2013, Barbour's continued success necessitated the development of a dedicated, e-commerce site aimed at UK consumers. The company looked at other hosting companies but, says Neil Thursby, Head of Technology at Barbour, Rackspace stood out. "We already used one of their cloud offerings for our static site and so they figured largely in our plans from the start," he explains. "We knew we wanted top-class hosting and quickly decided that they were the people we wanted to be dealing with."

The set-up process was simple: While Barbour's web development team collaborated with Rackspace's technical team to establish hardware requirements, the commercial team at Rackspace worked with Thursby and his colleagues to decide exactly what services they needed. "What soon became apparent in these discussions were the skills and experience they had in structuring the solution we needed," says Thursby. "It was obvious we were dealing with specialists."

Dedicated to being available

Barbour selected Rackspace's dedicated hosting wrapped with an Intensive service level and completed with a fully-redundant networking layer. The redundant network layer allows any one piece of equipment to fail without having an impact on the functionality of the site. A high-availability platform is vital to an e-commerce site such as Barbour's because, if the site is offline, the company is not giving good service to its customers.

Once the solution was selected, a dedicated account team, consisting of a Service Delivery Manager and a Lead Engineer, was assigned to Barbour to guide them through the on-boarding process, thereby ensuring the site would go live as soon as possible.

The site launched on 22nd August 2013 and, since then, the account team has conducted monthly service reviews with Barbour, as well as kept in touch via regular phone calls. The partnership the Rackspace team has built with Barbour allows them to help in the development of the company's strategic vision and ensure that its business goals are met. The team is also Barbour's main contact at Rackspace for any queries or technical issues.

Although the team at Barbour can - and does - use Rackspace 24/7 support team, they can call the account team on their direct lines should anything urgent arise. "We had an access problem on a Friday evening," recalls Thursby. "It was our Lead Engineer who took the call even though it was out of hours, and he was incredibly helpful."

The power of strong relationships

Working in a successful, family-run business means the team at Barbour understands that longevity is achieved by building strong relationships with reliable, innovative partners. "We're a premium brand and, because of that, we wanted a premium hosting solution that offered very high availability, incredibly competent technical people and really fanatical support. We think we've done the right thing by partnering with Rackspace, because that's exactly the service we're obtaining," concludes Thursby.

Trusted partner

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