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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We strive to put Fanatical Support® at the heart of what we do every day. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey has been designed to give you a voice. By telling us about your recent experiences, we can evaluate how we are doing in our on-going mission to become one of the world’s greatest service companies and where we can make improvements to your overall experience with Rackspace.

The survey is sent out by email once every six months to those customers who have opted in to receiving it. If you would like to opt-in, or are unsure if you are already opted in, please contact us.

Leaders across every segment of Rackspace have visibility of your responses; we actively use them to make improvements in the business. Your comments allow us to perfect the service we deliver by helping us understand where there are issues or areas for improvement. By reviewing your feedback, we are able to:

  • Make key business decisions
  • Give recognition to individuals and teams
  • Help us stay focused on areas for development
  • Prioritise changes to the way we deliver Fanatical Support
  • Push forward product/feature requests

We aim to contact you in this way at least once every six months. Please respond to the survey. We do not know if our improvements and updates are working unless our customers tell us. We would love for you to respond each time and keep us on our toes. Good and bad, we want to know if our Fanatical Support is living up to its name! In return, we will keep you informed of progress made based on your feedback through our regular customer newsletters.