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New to cloud computing infrastructure?

To understand cloud infrastructure you first need to understand the multiple layers that exist within any cloud-based service. Firstly, there is the infrastructure of your cloud service provider - the data centres, hardware, network connectivity and operating systems they run in order to provide services. On top of that is the public cloud, multi-tenant services they offer - sometimes referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Then finally, there is the infrastructure that you would choose to run using these IaaS components, in order to support your applications and workloads in the cloud.



What underpins our Cloud Infrastructure?

Someone has to run your cloud infrastructure and every hosting provider is different  - so here is an introduction to the Rackspace Cloud Infrastructure and the reasons why we are the hosting provider of choice for so many businesses around the globe.

We have built a global infrastructure focussed on speed and flexibility, one that will always perform at its best.   

Data Centres: Highly trained specialists run our infrastructure, which uses the latest technologies and resides in enterprise-grade data centres across the globe.  They deliver a precision environment equipped to meet even the most stringent security requirements, with constant monitoring to ensure optimum performance, CPU, memory, disk activity and server responsiveness.   

Network and hardware: We’ve designed and built our network for solid reliability and backed it with our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.  It always delivers high-performance bandwidth and redundancy.  In partnership with Akamai, we have access to 219 Content Delivery Network (CDN) edge locations across 6 continents, to ensure consistently fast content delivery.  We work to continually improve and update our network topology in real time. Likewise, the functioning of all hardware components within our infrastructure comes with a 100% guarantee.  

Openstack: Other cloud vendors focus on developing proprietary technologies that lock in your data and apps, not us. We gave our cloud code to the world - OpenStack is now the fastest-growing open source cloud operating system on earth, with over 12,000 contributors in 130 countries. Our cloud is powered by OpenStack and optimised for open technologies, so you can stay in control of your data, innovate and scale faster than you can in a proprietary cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Rather than purchasing servers, software, data centre space or network equipment, IaaS allows you to purchase this as a utility-based on demand service.   IaaS is growing in strength as more and more businesses recognise the benefits it can deliver in terms of fast time to market, streamlined processes and flexible infrastructure costs.  Generally IaaS can be obtained as a pure public cloud infrastructure, or a hybrid cloud combination which delivers a best of both worlds approach.
IaaS is a great option for businesses that must manage volatility in demand, or those that are growing very rapidly. The ability to instantly scale compute power up and down as changing business demands dictate, as well as the freedom to customise the compute, storage and networking components to best suit your specific IT requirements is very appealing.

IaaS can also deliver considerable cost efficiency benefits.  By enabling you to switch servers off during low demand periods, limiting idle infrastructure costs, IaaS can help to improve cost efficiency by more closely matching your cost pattern to your revenue/demand pattern. Außerdem kann die Verschiebung des Fokus von Investitionsausgaben auf Betriebsausgaben für viele Unternehmen ein positives Resultat sein.

Creating a cloud computing infrastructure

There are a few key considerations that you must first understand in order to start planning your Cloud infrastructure:  

  • Welche Anforderungen stellen Sie bezüglich Daten und Storage?
  • Welche Applikationen und Systeme benötigen Sie?
  • Welche Prozesse müssen Sie durchführen?
  • What are your goals for migrating to the cloud?

Once you have established your needs, you are in a great position to start building your cloud infrastructure. The beauty of the cloud is that no matter how quickly your business requirements change, you have a flexible environment that can adapt to suit, allowing you to take new projects online quickly, unlock your potential to be innovative and reach new levels of efficiency that will deliver real business value for the long term.

For more information on right ways to build, design and optimise your cloud solution to get the very best out of it, giving you the right foundation for your business needs, check out our Cloud Architecture page by clicking here.

Next steps

Rackspace provide a hassle free and cost-effective extension to your in-house IT department that will allow you to focus on doing what you do best whilst we take care of your IT infrastructure, attend to your applications and sites and make proactive recommendations on how to scale them as you grow.
Contact one of our cloud experts to find out more. Also check out our reference architectures for basic and tiered cloud configurations, web apps, content management systems and many more.

Finally, try our solutions configurator, a simple to use tool which sets out sample architectures for running a number of use cases on the Rackspace open cloud. Alternatively, take a look at our Rackspace Academy, where you’ll find a variety of training and educational materials to help you get started.