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Drupal Hosting

What is Drupal and how does it work?

Drupal is a free, open source content management system written in the PHP programming language. Highly popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes, it offers a robust and user friendly and customisable platform for website creation, blogs, forums, news portals, knowledge centres and wikis.

Wildly popular, Drupal powers roughly 2% of all sites on the net, with many businesses choosing to host their Drupal powered websites with Rackspace. Aus gutem Grund:




Drupal Hosting with Rackspace

Rackspace provides specialised cloud, dedicated and hybrid hosting solutions for your Drupal site.  Hosting your site with us ensures enhanced server security, performance, reliability, guaranteed bandwidth and disk space and 100% network and infrastructure uptime.

Our servers are optimised, fully compatible and tuned for Drupal. We support all PHP versions currently being maintained by the major Linux distributions and, and are experienced in assisting both cloud and dedicated businesses to deal with the PHP-version requirements and extensions imposed by Drupal.

Installation is simple: you can quickly deploy your server, whilst we take care of the installation, back up and monitoring. Our cloud deployments option (ready-made cloud infrastructure blueprints based on Rackspace best practice) allows you to get up and running and deploy your fully working Drupal infrastructure in just a few clicks, whilst we take care of the provisioning, deployment, and software installation, thereby saving you time and ensuring you have a configuration optimised for your needs.  There are two blueprints available for Drupal - a single server option for test and dev environments and a multiple server option for production workloads that require high scalability.  

In addition, our DevOps automation service can help you automate the process of deploying and scaling hybrid cloud infrastructure for your Drupal-based site, enabling you to accelerate time to market and improve the quality and frequency of software deployments and releases.   
If your Drupal site needs more server resources then this is easy too - simply spin up more capacity in just a few clicks using our web control panel. Even better, our utility based pricing means that you only ever pay for what you use. In addition, our top of the line, worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN) will ensure that your Drupal powered site loads quickly, delivering a consistent and high quality user experience every time.

As a database driven system, Drupal needs a database solution that delivers incredibly quick performance. Rackspace Cloud databases, the first relational database service built on OpenStack, uses container-based virtualisation to ensure that you get fast and responsive access to your data, greater reliability, and less downtime for your website. In addition, it automates the deployment, configuration, and patching to reduce your operational costs, and let you focus on business-critical tasks.

What is more, with our award winning 24/7/365 Fanatical Support we can help you architect, deploy and run your Drupal optimised server configuration to best effect.  Once you are up and running we will be on hand whenever you need us to provide creative and practical solutions and responsive and resourceful advice.

We also have a vibrant community of Rackers and customers working together to share best practice, discuss the latest developments and issues, and offer advice and guidance. Click here to get involved, see current chats and view many useful Drupal and PHP-based articles.

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Drupal Hosting with Rackspace could not be simpler. For more information sign-up online or chat with one of our specialist consultants today to discuss the best options for your business.