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Outsource design and administration to our certified DBAs

In-house DBAs are expensive to hire, and end up spending as much as 60% of their time on maintenance and troubleshooting. That leaves little time for strategic platform enhancements.

DBA Services puts our team to work for you, supporting key aspects of your MySQL, Oracle®, or Microsoft® SQL Server® database. We complement your in-house DBAs, so they have time to focus on innovation activities.

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Improve your uptime

Advanced monitoring notifies both us and you of any event that poses a threat to your environment. That helps us address issues before they become a problem, instead of after.

Respond to problems

Around-the-clock database support is expensive. You can hire an in-house staff of six DBAs—or you can let us help. We'll monitor your database 24x7x365 and immediately respond if problems arise.

Optimize your architecture

Our DBAs know how to architect a database that's reliable, scalable, and fast. They'll help with your entire project—even critical early decisions, like replication and data modeling.

Expert-level help from certified DBAs. Certified DBAs can help with every aspect of your platform—from architecture and design to administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. And when you need support, they're available by phone 24x7x365. That's a direct connection without waiting in a queue.

Two DBA Services offerings are available:

  • DBAdministrator—We handle the day-to-day care and feeding of your database platform, performing standard maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting so your team can focus on your business applications.
  • DBArchitect—You get all the features of DBAdministrator, plus advanced design, architecture, and planning services to help ensure your databases run at peak efficiency.

Top features

Advanced administration

We constantly monitor your database's health and perform custom maintenance activities at your direction. We can also back up your data, perform point-in-time recovery, and restore from backup, if needed.

Architecture and design

Our database architects can custom design your architecture and continuously look for optimization opportunities.

Advanced troubleshooting

We go beyond the basics to troubleshoot issues with database maintenance operations, performance, availability in production, and backups. When performance issues arise, we diagnose them and recommend fixes—even identifying SQL statements causing poor performance.

Flexibility and availability

Expert DBAs certified in MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server are available to you 24x7x365.

Put our DBAs to work for you.

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