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You can call from outside the United States for free from these countries.

  • Argentina / 0800-666-3175
  • Brazil / 0-800-892-3931
  • Chile / 1230-020-9016
  • Colombia / 01800-913-1498
  • Mexico / 01-800-099-0216
  • Peru / 0800-55584
  • United States / 1-800-961-4454
  • Venezuela / 0-800-100-4663
  • Rest of Latin America 1-210-312-2329
Additional charges may be incurred if calling within other Latin America countries.

Improve your database design & performance

Put our team of DBAs to work for you. We're with you through every stage of your project, from architecture and design to administration and monitoring. And we're available 24x7x365—ready to help you with any MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL Server database running on dedicated hardware or Rackspace Cloud Servers.

Improving your database design and performance

Design the right database architecture

Design the right database architecture

Our DBAs will help you across your project lifecycle, including during the critical early decisions of application architecture—such as business continuity, replication, data model, and key query optimization.

Improve uptime and reduce incidents

Improve uptime and reduce incidents

Our services include migration, backup, restore, and advanced monitoring of your database in production, with a 5-minute notification time to reduce downtime and incidents that may impact your business.

Focus on your business requirements

Focus on your business requirements

Certified DBAs are a scarce and expensive resource. By relying on DBA Services for your Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases, your current team can focus on implementing strategic improvements, while we handle the maintenance and troubleshooting.

Reduce the burden on your IT staff

Reduce the burden on your IT staff

Your business does not sleep, and neither do we. Our DBA Services team will look after your application 24x7x365, using our toolset of database health monitoring, replication monitoring, backups, and recovery, as well as customized maintenance plans.

Certified DBA expertise for your application

If your account includes a Rackspace Managed or Intensive Service Level—or Managed Cloud Service Level—you already get a set of basic database support services for your Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL setups. But by adding Rackspace DBA Services, you get certified database expertise for everything from architecture and design, to administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting—on any MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server running on dedicated hardware or the Rackspace public cloud.

Database-specific support included with Managed & Intensive Service Levels and Managed Cloud Service Level

Basic database installation and configuration

  • Installation of database software and basic configuration
  • Configuration of backups
  • Installation & configuration of clustering

Basic troubleshooting

  • Alerts and escalations
  • Service and database server failures
  • Database restore after a server failure
  • Selective or partial restores are charged on an hourly rate

Basic administration and monitoring

  • Managed patching and updates
  • Port monitoring
  • Upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server versions
  • Service packs (only at customer request)

Get more with DBA Services

Architecture and design

  • Architecture development and recommendations
  • Analysis and improvement recommendations
  • Database replication
  • Security and object administration
  • Database and schema export and import
  • Query optimization and log file maintenance
  • Configuration of mirroring and log shipping
  • Performance issue diagnosis
  • Performance consultations
  • Code analysis (review and recommendation of modifications to your SQL code)
  • Support for languages, frameworks, application servers, and business applications
    • Languages and frameworks: Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, Rails
    • Web and application servers: WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, IIS, Websphere, JBoss
    • Applications: Adobe EMS, Fatwire, Oracle Commerce
    • Other: Coherence, Endeca, Hudson

Advanced administration and monitoring

  • Replication monitoring
  • Advanced restores from backups
  • Database migration within Rackspace DCs
    (For migrations from customer's data center to Rackspace, please contact Rackspace Professional Services)
  • Disk backup at your request
  • Point-in-Time recovery
  • Customized maintenance plans
  • Modification of data beyond restores
  • Database health monitoring


  • Troubleshooting database maintenance operations, performance and availability issues in production
  • Database backup issues

Cost-effective DBA expertise

The average salary of certified DBAs in today's market can easily reach six figures. Plus, the tools and licenses required to manage and monitor databases can cost thousands. More importantly, your staff may already be overburdened with your current workload.

But with Rackspace DBA Services, you get the DBA expertise you need, when you need it, without the high price tag.

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Put our DBAs to work for you

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