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Language-learning game provider, MindSnacks, needed a flexible and affordable solution for storing and distributing vocabulary and audio. With just one Cloud Server™, MindSnacks can store all of their vocabulary, plus have room for development and analytics data. The best part for MindSnacks is that they don't have to worry about scalability and uptime, so they can focus on deploying their product.

MindSnacks Case Study: Learn how MindSnacks keeps their apps lean by offloading media onto Cloud Servers.

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MindSnacks At-A-Glance

Customer's Business:
A platform of educational games for touch-screen devices.

Finding a reliable, flexible hosting solution that can grow with the company.

Rackspace Solution:
Cloud Servers™ used for test/dev, analytics, rich media, and data storage

Business Outcome:
The company can quickly deploy their apps; their games are optimized for App Store success; they can stay focused on their core business.

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