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Windows Server® powers business.

Windows Server 2012 on the Rackspace Cloud takes your business to the next level.

A modern, cross-premises application platform

  • Build and run symmetrical and hybrid apps – Across on-premises private clouds and Rackspace hosted and public clouds.
  • Get a scalable, elastic platform – Integration and workflow technologies enable you to build loosely coupled applications that are easy to scale elastically using Windows Server 2012.

Development Ease and Flexibility

  • Common development tools – Such as Visual Studio and TFS, for a rich development experience.
  • Programming symmetry – Between on-premises and cloud, so you can use the same development tools throughout.
  • An open platform – With support for open source software.
  • Support for multiple languages – Choose from a variety of languages, including .NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python.

A Scalable and Elastic Web Platform

  • Support for enterprise-scale infrastructure – New tools make it easier to build, provision, and manage multitenant environments.
  • Improved SSL scalability – Via centralized SSL certificate support, IIS configuration optimizations, and NUMA-aware scalability.
  • Support for mission-critical applications – Including solutions that can be hosted in the cloud.
  • Enhanced support for open standards – Including HTML 5 and WebSockets.

Hosting Partner of the Year

Out of 3,000 partners, Microsoft recognized Rackspace for providing outstanding solutions to hosting.

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