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What is the Managed Cloud Service Level?

Managing infrastructure in the cloud takes time. You need to focus on building your next killer app or growing your business. When you upgrade from our included Infrastructure Service Level to our optional Managed Cloud Service Level, we can help you architect, build, and manage your high-performing cloud infrastructure.

You can extend your team’s capabilities by letting us help:

  • Architect the cloud infrastructure that’s right for your application.
  • Build a cloud infrastructure that’ll scale with your applications.
  • Manage your cloud infrastructure on a day-to-day basis.
“The Managed Cloud Service Level really allows us to focus specifically on our app, and not all the IT stuff around it. Not that we can’t do it, but I have code to write.”
Chris Le
Lead Developer, Seer Interactive

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Leverage our experience to build your cloud

Every month, we help hundreds of developers and businesses architect and build clouds, and we manage thousands more. Customers ask us for help with a wide range of topics from API documentation to programming language support to architecting and load balancing a deployment. When you need help, our cloud specialists are just a call, chat, or ticket away.

How we help

Architect your cloud infrastructure

Let our cloud specialists talk with you, learn about your business and applications, and architect the cloud infrastructure that’s right for your company’s present—and future. We know each app is different. So we’ll architect the cloud infrastructure that’s optimal for your application.

“We were trying to understand the challenges that we face due to our architecture, particularly around MySQL and massive scaling. You guys had the answers and offered the people to give us what we needed.”
Chris Mathias
VP of Engineering, Cinsay

Build your optimal cloud infrastructure

Once we’ve architected your cloud, our specialists will help build your infrastructure. It’ll have all the tools you need to start coding right away, installed and properly configured. That includes products like Cloud Servers, Cloud Load Balancers, and Cloud Databases, and services like programming languages, caching services, and synchronization tools.

“I come from an IT background, we looked at the [Managed Cloud Specialist] as an extension of our team. When we needed help with our plan for developing this [cloud infrastructure], they were there for us.”
John Baranowski
Co-Founder &CIO, LoveBookOnline.com

Manage your cloud Infrastructure day-to-day

Once your site is up and running, you want to keep it up and running. Our Managed Cloud Support Team consists of Cloud System Administrators, Database Admins, Senior Support Engineers, and Technical Account Managers who not only focus on keeping your application up, but continuously offer suggestions to improve your application’s performance, so your users get the best experience possible.

“When the Managed Cloud Support Team came, they helped me set up [my cloud]. The fact that I had the support of the team at Rackspace behind me was the difference between success and failure.”
Marc Ensign
CEO, re:think

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Our quick response times mean you won’t have to wait when you need us the most. On the phone, our average response time is 15 seconds. Via chat, our average response time is 45 seconds.

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