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Support: 1-877-934-0407

Contact International Support

You can call from outside the United States for free from these countries.

  • Argentina / 0800-666-3175
  • Brazil / 0-800-892-3931
  • Chile / 1230-020-9016
  • Colombia / 01800-913-1498
  • Mexico / 01-800-099-0216
  • Peru / 0800-55584
  • United States / 1-800-961-4454
  • Venezuela / 0-800-100-4663
  • Rest of Latin America 1-210-312-2329
Additional charges may be incurred if calling within other Latin America countries.

Choose your service level

Every cloud account includes our Infrastructure Service Level with 24x7x365 access to Fanatical Support® from our teams. Upgrade to a Managed Cloud Service Level to get help managing your services and data: configuring the server and operating system, web server software, monitoring, firewalls, and more.

Service Levels

Infrastructure Service Level

  • Fanatical Support for the host machines running your Cloud Servers, plus our APIs and SDKs
  • Personalized guidance planning, designing, and architecting your infrastructure
  • Help migrating from your existing environment (additional charges may apply for complex migrations)
  • Personalized guidance optimizing your applications for performance and security on our public cloud

Managed Cloud Service Level

  • Everything included with the Infrastructure Service Level
  • Fanatical Support for your services and data
  • Our admins and engineers are available to help build your cloud
  • We help configure your web server, monitoring, caching, and DNS
  • Our admins and engineers patch, monitor, troubleshoot, and back up your cloud

Learn more about our Managed Cloud Service Level

Services included

Infrastructure Service Level

Managed Cloud Service Level

Chat, phone, and ticket support available 24x7x365

Access to the Rackspace Community

Authentication troubleshooting and verification

Initial troubleshooting where we help review your API requests and response details

Basic guidance for what API calls to use

Basic guidance for the steps needed to set up and manage Cloud Servers via the Control Panel

Verification of Cloud Servers infrastructure availability

Product documentation (API documents, examples, Rackspace Knowledge Center articles, whitepapers)

Verify and confirm details of your Cloud Servers

Help with Cloud Servers provisioning and management

Help with data backup and restores

Configuring Cloud Monitoring to monitor Cloud Servers

Installing and configuration of programming languages (including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, and ASP.NET)

Help installing, configuring, and managing web server software (Apache, IIS, nginx)

Experience Fanatical Support.

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