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Scalable message queuing in the cloud

Easily connect your distributed applications without installing complex software. Simply log into your cloud account, and provision one or more Cloud Servers to get started.

You can immediately create queues and then start posting and claiming unlimited messages. No commitments or message storage charges—just pay $0.01 per 10,000 API requests after the first million. Standard outgoing bandwidth charges apply, but incoming and private network (ServiceNet and Cloud Networks) bandwidth are always free.


Up to 1M API requests per month

Everything we do is managed cloud. With managed cloud, our experts can run your cloud ops for you, or be there whenever you need help—you choose the level of service you want. Either way, you get 24x7x364 access to engineers who'll help you achieve the highest performance, security, cost efficiency, and scalability for your workloads.

Built to scale

Create queues quickly and easily, and send unlimited messages.


Create queues, post messages, and claim messages using a simple RESTful API.


Implement producer-consumer and publisher-subscriber models using one API.

Fully managed

Get 24x7x365 guidance for your entire infrastructure, including your message queues.


Pay only for your API usage and outgoing bandwidth. There are no commitments and no message storage charges.

API Requests Queues Messages Price
Over 1 million/mo UNLIMITED UNLIMITED $0.01/10,000 API requests

Get fully managed, scalable messaging for your distributed application.

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