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The Rackspace public cloud portfolio

When you sign up for our public cloud, you get access to all the tools you need to make your website or application a reality. Plus, enjoy convenient monthly pricing, and only pay for what you use* (plus a monthly fee if you choose a Managed Cloud Service Level). And because we build our products on an open framework, if you ever want to move to another provider, you can.

Keep your high-traffic site up and running. Cloud Load Balancers gives you on-demand management of the traffic to your apps and sites.

You can easily set up Cloud Load Balancers to provide high availability for your dedicated or Cloud Servers.

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Easily manage the DNS records for all your domains and subdomains by using Cloud DNS via your Cloud Control Panel or the API.

Cloud DNS is free! All Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites, and RackConnect™ customers automatically have access to Cloud DNS.

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Stop problems before your visitors even notice them. Cloud Monitoring lets you keep control of your infrastructure by receiving an alert whenever your websites need attention.

You can use Cloud Monitoring to send you alerts on your websites hosted on Cloud Servers, Rackspace dedicated servers, servers in your data centers, or even servers in other providers' data centers.

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Cloud Servers provides high-performance compute for your sites and apps. You get the power of a traditional server, plus the on-demand flexibility of the cloud.

Because it delivers the computing power for your cloud configuration, your Cloud Servers are the heart of your Rackspace public cloud environment. Connect them to your data stored on Cloud Files or Cloud Block Storage, your Cloud Databases, and more. Use them with Cloud Load Balancers to deliver high availability. Plus, all Cloud Servers customers get free access to Cloud DNS, for easy management of your DNS records.

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Get peace of mind by protecting files your business or website can't run without.

Cloud Backup lets you easily create, schedule, and manage file-level backups of data residing on your Cloud Servers.

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Use software-defined networks to enhance the security of your cloud environment. We place no restrictions on your Cloud Networks, so you're free to broadcast or multicast, enabling capabilities like server clustering.

Cloud Networks lets you isolate your Cloud Servers for greater security.

If you need to serve media and files at blazing speeds—no matter where your visitors live—check out Cloud Files. It uses a powerful content delivery network (CDN) powered by Akamai® to deliver media and other files quickly.

Use Cloud Files for object storage by connecting them to your Cloud Servers. Use them with Cloud Load Balancers to deliver high availability.

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Save time—and deliver a faster application—by provisioning high-performance MySQL databases in the cloud. Cloud Databases scale easily, for bigger or smaller memory sizes on demand.

Connect Cloud Databases to your Cloud Servers, and enjoy better performance for your data.

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You can choose Cloud Block Storage standard or SSD volumes to deliver reliable storage for your application. Standard volumes are the perfect solution to your everyday need for scalable storage. SSD volumes are designed for apps requiring high I/O and low latency.

Plus, you get a super-fast 10-Gigabit Ethernet connection between your Cloud Block Storage volumes and your Cloud Servers Performance Flavors.

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*We charge for Cloud Servers from the time you activate them until you delete them.

Work on WordPress or Joomla?

Cloud Sites lets you run scalable .NET and PHP applications, without having to manage servers, databases, and load balancers yourself. Host unlimited domains for only $150 per month.

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Note: Cloud Sites entails a separate signup process from other Rackspace public cloud products.

Get access to our complete public cloud portfolio.

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