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Rackspace Training for OpenStack

As powerful as the OpenStack® software is, we know firsthand it takes a lot more than software to properly design, deploy, and operate a cloud at scale. Rackspace offers the most extensive OpenStack training curriculum in the industry, covering topics ranging from an introduction to OpenStack to Neutron networking. These courses include hands-on experience with real-world scenarios in a lab environment. In addition, we now offer our flagship course, OpenStack Fundamentals, in an online version for you to take at your own pace and place.

Rackspace OpenStack curricula

Below are the key training courses we offer and a summary of what you can expect from each class.

OpenStack Fundamentals

Our flagship course covers the history and components of OpenStack and teaches you how to build and maintain an OpenStack environment.

Course length: 4 days.

OpenStack Object Storage Essentials

This course teaches students about the components, architecture, installation, and maintenance of OpenStack Object Storage (codename Swift).

Course length: 2 days.

OpenStack Compute Essentials

This course teaches students how to install and configure several OpenStack compute projects including Nova, Glance, Keystone, and Horizon.

Course length: 2 days.

OpenStack Networking — Neutron

You will learn how to use an API to build and configure networking infrastructure using Neutron.

Course length: 3 days.

Our trainers can also deliver a custom, on-site program for your organization.
For more information, contact opencloudinfo@rackspace.com.

Who should take the OpenStack Training?

System administrators and solution architects who will be deploying OpenStack clouds are ideal for the training courses. We are developing curriculum with IT professionals or developers in mind who have at least six months of Linux system administrator experience and are proficient at command line interface use and bash scripting.

Who teaches the courses?

Students have exclusive access to the OpenStack experts. As founders and core contributors to OpenStack, the team of Rackspace trainers are the authority on the open source technology. All team members have deep experience deploying and operating cloud infrastructure at massive scale. Not only does Rackspace have the OpenStack expertise, but we also bring the spirit and culture of Rackspace Fanatical Support® to every student.

What kind of hands-on experience will the courses provide?

Because cloud infrastructure is scalable and distributed, you need to work in an environment with access to clusters of servers to truly understand how to effectively manage and grow a cloud. Our courses are conducted using our unique multi-system training lab. Students are better able to understand distributed systems through exercises and activities that provide real-world experience. Learn to scale cloud storage across multiple servers and how to expand the computer system as usage increases.

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