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Rackspace Private Cloud Software

Thank you for your interest in Rackspace Private Cloud. Here’s all of the information you need for downloading and deploying the software.

How to get started

Understand the necessary prerequisites

The Installation Prerequisites and Concepts document gives you the details about the hardware, software, and networking you'll need for a successful deployment of Rackspace Private Cloud software.

Choose your installation method

We have tailored two distinct ways that you can download and install the Private Cloud software, based on your technical level, time commitment, and feature requirements. Please note that OpenStack Object Storage is not delivered in a do-it-yourself model, but requires Rackspace engineers to deploy on-premise or in a Rackspace data center.

Install OpenStack with Rackspace Private Cloud Tools Download and Deploy the Rackspace Private Cloud Sandbox (Virtual Appliance)

Follow a set of step-by-step installation instructions and scripts that download all the required packages you need to deploy your environments. Ideal for large number of customizations and meets the needs of power users.

View the Installation Guide

This is the fastest way to get a Private Cloud demo environment up and running. Download this all-in-one, contained virtual appliance that you can have up and running on your favorite virtualization platform in minutes. This deployment method includes a limited set of features and offers a fast way to get your hands dirty with a fixed configuration. Ideal for proof of concept and non-production environments.

Download the Sandbox (Virtual Appliance) for VMWare

Download the Sandbox (Virtual Appliance) for VirtualBox

Setting Up and Using Rackspace Private Cloud Sandbox

View the Getting Started Guide

Become a private cloud expert

These Knowledge Center articles show you how to configure, upgrade, and use your Private Cloud. Also, you can connect with other Private Cloud users through the Private Cloud Forum.

Benefit from our expertise

Whether your private cloud is hosted in a Rackspace data center, in your own data center, or in a colocation facility, our team of OpenStack Engineers can help you support it. Learn more

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