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Backed by a global community.

While Rackspace and NASA originally launched the open source initiative that became the OpenStack® operating system, today over 150 companies and over 9,000 people have contributed to OpenStack. OpenStack is truly a global community of innovators, developers, software and hardware vendors and service providers.

The OpenStack operating system is being used today to solve real problems.

OpenStack is the strategic choice of many types of organizations, from service providers looking to offer cloud computing services on standard hardware, to companies looking to deploy private cloud initiatives, to large enterprises deploying a global cloud solution across multiple continents. The nature of their projects and their goals vary tremendously but they are all trying to achieve long-term flexibility (technical, financial, and strategic) in their cloud initiatives by avoiding being locked in to a single vendor or cloud provider.


X.commerce chose OpenStack to provide the level of control, transparency, and security eBay needed to build its X.commerce platform.

Non-profit IT services provider uses the Rackspace® Private Cloud to help Canadian small and mid-sized businesses drive innovations on the cloud.

GlobalSCAPE uses Rackspace Cloud Files to help provide award-winning managed file transfer services.

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