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Extend Rackspace to your other data centers and cloud environments

In today’s hybrid cloud world, businesses are challenged with managing IT infrastructure, applications and data across multiple environments, cloud providers, and data center locations. RackConnect Global provides highly available, secure, private network connectivity between Rackspace and your off-premises data centers and infrastructure at other cloud hosting providers, such as Microsoft Azure – allowing you to share application workloads and data across environments for the ultimate in hybrid cloud flexibility, backed 24x7x365 Fanatical Support®.

RackConnect Global is currently available at US data centers. Contact us to learn more about how to extend your Rackspace dedicated infrastructure.


Achieve reliable, high-performance, low-latency connection speeds with a highly available private network connection that bypasses your internet service provider to remove network congestion.

Optimum Security

Protect your business-critical data with a direct, private circuit from Rackspace that bypasses the internet for the most secure connectivity to your other data centers and cloud environments.


Extend your application workloads and data from Rackspace to your other data centers and cloud environments, such as Microsoft Azure, for the ultimate in hybrid cloud flexibility.

Reference Architectures

  • Database

Disaster recovery & backup

Utilize the flexibility of the cloud backed with the security and reliability of Rackspace dedicated hosting, by backing-up application data from your own data centers or other cloud providers with a private, secure, reliable connection to Rackspace.

Hybrid applications distributed across environments

For productivity or web-based applications that consume a significant infrastructure footprint, you can distribute the application infrastructure across multiple environments with the backend storage infrastructure in your Rackspace dedicated hosting environment to reduce costs, provide redundancy and deployment flexibility.

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