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Server Monitoring

You love Cloud Monitoring for your websites. And now there's more to love, with our new Server Monitoring feature. With Server Monitoring, you can go deeper into your servers—dedicated or cloud, in any data center—and monitor individual resources inside the server.

Server resources monitoring

Server resources monitoring

Monitor your server resources—including CPU, disk, memory, and network resources—and make sure they're behaving as they should. You can also define usage thresholds and receive automatic alerts when limits are exceeded.

Fault tolerance

Fault tolerance

A small Cloud Monitoring Agent, installed on your server, will monitor your server resources and communicate constantly with the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring System, in three geographically separated data centers. The agent will automatically select the closest data center as its primary communication channel, and will immediately fail over to another data center if there's an outage—so you can get timely and accurate alerts even in the case of a natural disaster.

On-demand stats and processes

On-demand stats and processes

View the processes running on your server, as well as server resource statistics, at any time. You can also leverage the API to use these stats and processes to automate your application workflows.

Minimal resource usage

Minimal resource usage

The Cloud Monitoring Agent has been designed from the ground up to consume minimal server memory. A typical configuration uses less than 1% of the memory available, even on our smallest 512 MB next generation Cloud Servers. Learn more about the Cloud Monitoring Agent.

How to get started

Step One

Sign up for a Rackspace Cloud account (includes Cloud Monitoring)*.

Step Three

Configure agent checks and thresholds via the Cloud Control Panel or API. Learn more.

Step Four

Log into the Cloud Control Panel to view server statistics.

Create a Rackspace Cloud account to get pay-as-you-go access to cloud products.

Sign Up Now

* Cloud Monitoring can be used to monitor any cloud or dedicated server, including non-Rackspace servers. However, at this time, only Rackspace Cloud customers will be able to use the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel to configure monitoring. Other users will need to use the Cloud Monitoring API.

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