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RackConnect is our solution for customers who require the scalability of the cloud, plus the enhanced security and performance of traditional hosting. In essence, RackConnect enables customers to realize the power of the Hybrid Cloud.
For Enterprise Businesses:
For Small and Mid-sized Businesses:
Enterprise businesses trust their mission-critical applications on highly available and high-performing traditional hosted infrastructure, using products such as high-speed SAN storage, single-tenant virtualization, and high-capacity load balancers. RackConnect can enhance this infrastructure with rapidly elastic cloud compute and storage resources, allowing you to flex your capacity at a moment’s notice, reacting to unexpected spikes in demand or to seasonal business trends.
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How RackConnect Works

  • Choose an F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager or a Cisco® ASA firewall to connect your traditional hosted infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud
  • Cloud Servers can automatically be added to your load balancer, enabling you to scale on demand
  • Connect to Rackspace with an encrypted VPN tunnel to link the Rackspace Cloud to your data center or existing IT infrastructure
  • Define Network Security Policies in the customer portal and they are automatically applied and managed across your firewall, load balancer, and Cloud Servers
  • Manage cloud and dedicated network security policies centrally in the MyRackspace customer portal
  • Add Cloud Files for easily scalable storage
  • Our high-capacity network delivers fast throughput for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and RackConnect

Use Cases

The use cases below show you the true flexibility of the RackConnect solution, from simple configurations to true Enterprise scale. These examples can help you solve the tradeoff between security requirements, performance, and cost.

Dedicated hardware firewall with Cloud Servers provides protection for the integrity of your data and safeguards against service interruptions.

Suitable Use Cases
  • Add a firewall to your Cloud Servers deployment
  • VPN to the cloud via site-to-site VPN
  • Manage the security of your environment automatically from the customer portal
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