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Cloud Files Technology

  • Cloud Files
  • Cloud Files with Akamai CDN
  • Hybrid Hosting


Cloud Files runs on OpenStack technology. We have developers from all around the globe contributing to our feature list, helping us fix bugs, and making the product the perfect object storage solution.

Powered by OpenStack, Cloud Files scales to store petabytes of data, inexpensively, through data replication and distribution across commodity hard drives. Cloud Files is well suited to handle your cloud storage needs, including backups, archives, server images, high performance media delivery, video streaming, and web-accessible storage for SaaS applications.

Global presence

Rackspace Cloud Files has infrastructure located in several data centers worldwide, including Dallas, Chicago, and London.


With 24x7x365 monitoring and operations teams, you don't have to stay up all night worrying about uptime. We're already doing it for you!


All data stored in Cloud Files is instantly written to three storage disks, all on separate nodes or locations that have dual power supplies.

Private containers

With private containers, all traffic between your application and Cloud Files uses SSL to establish a secure, encrypted channel. This ensures that any data (usernames, passwords, and content) cannot be intercepted and read by a third party.

Public containers

In public containers, your media files receive a web-ready URL that can be shared with anyone. Public files are served blazingly fast too, thanks to Cloud Files integration with the Akamai Content Delivery Network.

Interface options

Cloud Files Interface Options


Looking for backend storage for your company's intranet or for your next big application idea? You can interface directly with the Rackspace Cloud File API.

Control panel

If you don't want to worry about API calls, Rackspace has you covered with a Cloud Control Panel for all your Cloud Files management needs. If you are using RackConnect™ to combine dedicated and cloud hosting, you can also use the MyRackspace® customer portal for Cloud Files management.

3rd party tools

Want something more? Many companies have built management tools leveraging Cloud Files. Check out our 3rd Party Tools page or go to the Rackspace Marketplace for the solution that's right for you.

Rackspace Cloud Mobile

You're mobile—make sure your data is too. Easily and quickly administer your Cloud Files on the go. Download Rackspace Cloud for Windows 8.

Temporary URLs (API only)

If you are looking to share documents or data without serving it publicly, Cloud Files allows users to create temporary URLs that give direct access to your Cloud Files objects for a specified period of time.

Expiring objects (API only)

If you don't need or want to keep Cloud Files objects indefinitely (e.g. log files or recurring full backups), simply add a header while uploading the object to set when it will be automatically removed from your Cloud Files account.

Large file support (API only)

If you need to store very large files (e.g. videos, HD movies, or backups), Cloud Files accomplishes this by allowing customers to upload multiple file segments and a manifest file to map those segments together. Large files will be downloaded as a single file.

Static Website Hosting

If your website contains only static content (e.g. blog, brochure website, small company website), host that static website entirely from Cloud Files and the Akamai CDN.

Object versioning (API only)

If you need the ability to save multiple versions of the same file, use object versioning to manage your evolving data more effectively.

Using a content delivery network

Content delivery networks (aka CDNs) speed up delivery of data objects over the internet. CDNs work by caching content at edge locations around the globe, so end users and website visitors request content from servers within their regions, instead of origin servers located in Dallas, Chicago, or London.

Rackspace uses 219 of Akamai's CDN edge locations, selected especially for our customers' typical usage patterns, and designed to cover all major areas of the globe. With 77 edge locations in North America, 36 in Europe, 70 in Asia-Pacific, 17 in Africa, 15 in South America, and 4 in the Middle East, you can be sure your content will be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Cloud Files Akamai CDN
"Cloud Files works great. It's really simple, and it's cheap. We're streaming 1.5-2TB a month—a huge amount of data. With Cloud Files, we don't have to worry about it, it just works."

Charlie Robbins

Technology Director, Dubset

Working with an industry leader

We partnered with Akamai to build the industry's simplest CDN experience. Akamai's Dynamic Site Delivery, HTTP Streaming Delivery, and Secure Delivery tools dramatically accelerate the delivery of static content. Select features of Cloud Files with Akamai CDN include:

Features Benefits
CNAMEs CNAMEs allow customers to take their CDN URLs, which are usually a long mix of letters and numbers, and turn them into shorter branded URLs. With CNAMEs, your website can be branded exactly how you want it.
SSL SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, delivery is a way to add more security to your content delivery. Objects are encrypted as they pass all the way from the browser to the origin server.
Edge Purge Edge Purge allows users to expire content on the edge server before the object's time to live (TTL) has expired. This prevents you from having outdated content cached on the edge server for longer than you intended.
HTTP Compression HTTP compression takes files that are not already compressed, like text files, and compresses them before sending them across the Internet. This means your data objects may be smaller (which means reduced bandwidth fees), and have faster overall response times.
Streaming HTTP streaming reduces video start time and enables random seek by streaming video directly from the server rather than downloading the media. Serve videos via plugins for JW Player, FlowPlayer, and OSMF, or natively on iOS devices.

The flexibility of hybrid hosting

Rackspace can alleviate the infrastructure burden of managing your ever-growing storage challenges with a flexible mix of hosting services. RackConnect™ gives you the freedom to choose the best platform for your applications by combining dedicated and cloud hosting into a single solution.

Dedicated hosting

Traditional managed, dedicated servers and appliances provide data isolation and high performance.

Cloud hosting

The Rackspace Cloud gives you affordable flexibility and on-demand availability that scales with your traffic.


This hybrid technology links your Rackspace dedicated and cloud environments, for the best of both worlds.

Enhanced security configuration example

Enhanced Security Configuration Example

Enterprise Configuration Example

Enterprise Configuration Example
  • Enhanced security infrastructure
  • Easily scalable Cloud Files storage
  • High performance dedicated backend and networking devices
  • Proven Cisco physical firewall
  • Highly available
  • Enhanced security infrastructure
  • Easily scalable Cloud Servers™ and Cloud Files storage
  • High performance dedicated backend and networking devices
  • Highly complex and customized configurations
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