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Contact International Support

You can call from outside the United States for free from these countries.

  • Argentina / 0800-666-3175
  • Brazil / 0-800-892-3931
  • Chile / 1230-020-9016
  • Colombia / 01800-913-1498
  • Mexico / 01-800-099-0216
  • Peru / 0800-55584
  • United States / 1-800-961-4454
  • Venezuela / 0-800-100-4663
  • Rest of Latin America 1-210-312-2329
Additional charges may be incurred if calling within other Latin America countries.

Learn how Cloud Databases delivers faster performance

Speedy delivery of your data

Cloud Databases provides fast, scalable, fully managed hosting for your MySQL instances. It's faster because it:

  • Eliminates the performance bottlenecks of traditional hardware virtualization
  • Uses SAN storage with built-in data replication, for lightning-fast speed and rock-solid reliability
  • Resides on our high-capacity network, providing fast throughput for your data

About the API

A RESTful web service interface

The widely recognized REST standard results in simple, efficient code. Learn more by reading our Cloud Databases Developer Guide.

Complete documentation

Access our guide to Getting Started with Cloud Databases and Servers and our Developer Guide.

Based on open standards

We built Cloud Databases using the OpenStack® platform because it's reliable and gives you greater freedom to move your databases in the future.


Built for developers

Powerful APIs—Complete Technology Stack—Open Technologies

How to get started

Sign up for the Rackspace public cloud or use your existing account.

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Create a database instance using the Cloud Control Panel or API.

To access your Cloud Database instance, you will need a public IP address associated with a Cloud Server, Cloud Load Balancer, or Cloud Sites (normal charges apply).

Connect your application to your database!

Enjoy simple, straightforward, per-hour pricing. View full pricing details.

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